Please note: You only need to register / login if you wish to make representations.

Using the Online Consultation System

You can use the online consultation system to either make representations during a public consultation or view representations made by others on a particular Main Modification.


Registering and Logging In

You only need to register and log in if you wish to make representations. You can read documents and view representations that have been published without taking the above steps.

Important: existing and new consultees must ensure that personal details within My Details are completed in full. Failure to do so will result in your representation not being accepted. This is a legal requirement.

Making Representations

Current documents open to public consultation will be listed in the grey box at the top of the homepage. Select a document then click on the chapter, site, issue or policy that you are interested in. This consultation is the VALP Main Modifications.

To make representations, click on the pencil icon Write adjacent to the proposed Main Modification of interest and complete the online response form.

You can save your representations before submitting and come back to them later, they will be stored within My Drafts. Please do not forget to submit your draft representations.

Representations must be submitted before the deadline. Once submitted you will receive an email from Aylesbury Vale District Council with a full record of your representation. Please ensure that you retain this copy for your records. 


Representation Guidelines

You can write as much as you like in the full representation box and upload relevant documents or maps, which must be in either PDF or Image format. Please note that if your full representation is more than 100 words you will also need to provide a brief summary of 100 words or less.


Viewing or Searching Representations 

You can view representations made without registering or logging in. Please note this function can only be used once the representations have been published by the council, after the consultation has ended and once all comments have been reviewed.

If you wish to search a specific area or policy of the plan:

If no representations have been made and/or published, the magnifying glass icon will be grey View Disabled.

To search for a representation made by a specific consultee and you know the ID number of that representation:

To search by the name of a respondent, agent or organisation:

This will give a summary of all published representations of the selected consultee.


What if I need further help?

If you have any problems, complete the contact us form or call the Planning Policy Team on 01296 585308.


Your data: what we will do with representations

We are required to publicise all representations made during local plan consultations but we will only publish the representation, your name, your organisation and consultation system ID number. Any other personal information will not be published and will be redacted if it appears in the body of your representation. The document containing all of the representations made, which will include your representation, name and organisation only will subsequently be passed on to the Planning Inspector. The Inspector will then consider your representation made in relation to the plan. He may request your contact information from us, via our appointed external Programme Officer, should he wish to ask subsequent questions in relation to your representation or to invite you to any further hearing sessions.

Having trouble using the system? Visit our help page or contact us directly.

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