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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - T1 Delivering the sustainable transport vision

Representation ID: 2680

OBJECT Oxfordshire County Council (John Disley)


Policy T1: 'Delivering the sustainable transport vision' does not mention OCC as a partner and lacks detail about the schemes or evidence base.

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Representation ID: 2406

OBJECT Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Mr Jonathan Clover)


Transport issues have been raised in many responses. Parking is considered
a vital local issue for the Town centre businesses and we do not feel that this
has been adequately addressed; in terms of the existing network, the impact
of the new proposed homes will impose too great a strain, without a range of
highway improvements and safety measures, as well as provision for
enhanced public transport (range and availability of bus services) and trains

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Representation ID: 2339

OBJECT South West Milton Keynes Consortium represented by Carter Jonas - Associate SWMK Consortium (Mr Brian Flynn)


The requested allocation of NLV020 will include similar transport improvements and connect to the existing and proposed walking, cycling and public transport network.

Policy T1, which includes assessing the impact on the highway and public transportation network and encouraging the use of more sustainable modes of transport. There are significant benefits associated with additional development on land at south west Milton Keynes (Sites NLV001 and NLV020) related to accessibility to walking, cycling and public transport and future connections to East-West Rail and the Oxford-to-Cambridge Expressway which are identified in Policies T2 and T3.

(Transport and Highway Matters note attached)

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Representation ID: 1555

OBJECT Barwood Land and Estates represented by Chilmark Consulting Ltd (Mike Taylor)


T1 is not based on fully justified evidence as to why the various highway road links are needed.

no funding and delivery certainty and wholly insufficient evidence presented in the Plan and the Infrastructure Delivery Plan to ensure that various necessary and
critical road links and PPTCs are delivered during the plan period.
The policy is not consistent with the NPPF at paragraphs 154, 173 or 177 as there is no realistic
certainty that all of the proposed new highway road links will be funded and delivered during the plan

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Representation ID: 722

OBJECT Haddenham Village Society (Mr Graham Tyack)


Policy T1, 'Delivering the Sustainable Transport Vision' should be re-written to include this principle, rather than the ambiguous 'with particular emphasis on encouraging modal shift with greater use of more sustainable forms of transport ...'. Policy T1 should be further changed to include the Council's assistance in delivering this principle in all developments, not just Aylesbury and to a limited extent, Buckingham.

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Representation ID: 264

OBJECT Ms Alison Watt


Section7.1 states "an important policy tool to achieve this [sustainable transport] is a people-orientated transport hierarchy.." Yet this does not appear in policy T1, instead is the ambiguous "with particular emphasis on encouraging modal shift with greater use of more sustainable forms of transport ...". It needs to be made clear who is responsible for the delivery of a people-orientated transport hierarchy. This "hierarchy which places pedestrians and cyclists at the top" (Policy D1) should be applicable to all new developments, not just Aylesbury.

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