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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - T2 Protected Transport Schemes

Representation ID: 2678

SUPPORT Oxfordshire County Council (John Disley)


We support draft policy T2 which seeks to ensure that new development does not prejudice the implementation of East West rail project, including new stations and twin tracking to the south of Aylesbury. Closing the gap between Aylesbury and Princes Risborough will increase the viability of East West Rail by improving north-south connectivity and provide potential opportunities for future growth

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Representation ID: 2644

OBJECT Gleeson Strategic Land represented by Nexus Planning Ltd (Mr Steven Doel)


That a further criterion should be added to the policy confirming that the Council will expect HS2 to minimize the amount of land required to deliver and mitigate the delivery of the HS2 route.

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Representation ID: 2184

OBJECT O&H Properties Ltd. represented by David Lock Associates (Heather Pugh)


T2 fails to provide sufficient protection for the route of the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway. O&H is concerned that the reliance on a local plan review to provide protection for the route has removed any such protection in VALP. Should a proposed allocation encroach the route (once defined), there is no clear policy protection against the development that could jeopardise the delivery of strategic infrastructure.

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Representation ID: 2118

OBJECT High Speed 2 Limited (HS2 Ltd) (Sir/Madam )


Policy T2 on P.205 looks reasonable, except for its expectation that HS2 will "preserve sites of archaeological or historic interest".

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Representation ID: 1693

OBJECT Richborough Estates represented by RPS Planning & Development (Mr Cameron Austin-Fell)


It is noted that the Local Plan seeks to protect transport schemes including HS2 and East West Rail. Whilst the route of HS2 should be indicated on the Proposals Map, the implications of proposals on or near to the route is, essentially, a development control issue, which by its very nature is site specific. The policy should therefore be flexible and ensure public consultation on applications relating to the specific HS2 lines that affect the District. It should be noted that Richborough Estates proposals to the south of Aylesbury do not affect HS2.

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