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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 9.39

Representation ID: 2513

OBJECT Unknown (Mr Peter Bantham)


The council has confirmed the major source of pollution is from road transport. This needs to be tacked as a first when development is taking place. The road infrastructure needs to be implemented before the increase in road traffic, Aylesbury need a proper comprehensive dual carriageway with bridges and underpasses at its junctions to keep the majority of the traffic flowing freely keeping the pollution to a minimum within the town as through traffic will by-pass the town centre and on the by-pass itself as there will be minimal stop start at junctions.

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Representation ID: 378

OBJECT Mr Chris Webbley


This is welcome, given the proven importance of air quality to health and quality of life. But the Plan focuses too much on the effects of development. The Council should commit in this Plan to positive policies and actions to improve air quality.

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