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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 3.13

Representation ID: 2525

OBJECT Aylesbury Society (Mr Keith Robinson)


The location of the 'oversupply' of employment land reflects the lack of connectivity of some sites to the transport network.

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Representation ID: 1811

OBJECT Mrs Alina Neagoe


In the Local Plan for AVD, the experts talk about 27,400 homes that will be accommodated by Aylesbury Vale District for the period 2013 and 2033 - without mentioning that this is a provisional figure.
Why a provisional figure? Because the un-met need for Wycombe District (2,250 dwellings) and Chiltern/South
Bucks Districts (5,750 dwellings) may change as a result of representations sent (by the community/land owners/developers) to the independent Planning Inspectors in charge of validating these Local Plans.

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Representation ID: 1536

OBJECT Halsbury Homes Ltd represented by RPS Planning and Development (Camilla Fisher)


Given that the DCLG figure of 30,000 dwellings representing local OAN in AVDC, is actually higher
than the current draft figure of 27,400 dwellings contained in the Local Plan, the question must be
asked as to whether:-
1) AVDC is content to accept a minimum of 8,000 additional dwellings in addition to the 30,000
local need - giving an adjusted total of 35,400 dwellings in 2 years time; or
2) Whether it will have to review the MOU to see if it considers the current allocations should
provide for its own local need rather than the needs of adjoining authorities.

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Representation ID: 1044

SUPPORT Chiltern and South Bucks District Council (Ms Shereen Ansari)


Draft VALP acknowledges the three southern districts are subject to constraints such as Green Belt and AONB, and that a comprehensive capacity assessment has been carried out which shows that Chiltern, South Bucks, and Wycombe Districts cannot accommodate all of their housing need within their own districts. Policy S2 (Spatial Strategy for Growth), therefore commits to providing for 5,750 additional dwellings arising from unmet needs in Chiltern and South Bucks Districts. This reflects the agreed outcomes of Duty to Co-operate discussions and provides for housing need to be met within the HMA. Our Councils are therefore supportive of this policy.

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Representation ID: 573

OBJECT Marrons Planning (Jane Gardner)


The evidence in the HEDNA was formulated prior to the Government's commitment to build 300,000 dpa.
The proposed provision of 19,400 dwellings between 2013 - 2033 and the 8,000 dwellings to meet the unmet need of neighbouring authorities is less than the previous assessments.
At a time when there is considerable public and political pressure for an uplift in the provision of new homes, it is counter intuitive to be providing for a lower number of dwellings.
The Government's proposed methodology should be applied; an increase of the number of dwellings per year of over 50%.

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