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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - I1 Green infrastructure

Representation ID: 2705

SUPPORT Unknown (Mrs S Pearce) represented by RPS Group (Mr Nick Laister)


The ambition to promote, create and protect green infrastructure is supported to allow
the natural environment to be used for recreational and other purposes. The policy
should reflect also the contribution that new or existing formal tourism, leisure and
recreational facilities, such as farm parks and adventure areas, can also make to the
provision, management and retention of open space, including the linear park, and
therefore green infrastructure as a whole.

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Representation ID: 1710

OBJECT Richborough Estates represented by RPS Planning & Development (Mr Cameron Austin-Fell)


The requirements of the policy to ensure complete compliance with the Council's Leisure and Cultural Facilities (2012) should be amended and refer to this document merely as an evidence base (as per the approach in policy I2). The 2012 study does not look into the impacts of this policy on development sites (SHLAA) across the District and whether they can be achieved. This may well rule out otherwise suitable sites. There is also no planning balance to this policy as per NE1.

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Representation ID: 1611

OBJECT Wendover Parish Council (Jane Ellis)


The current RAF Halton with its excellent sports facilities could be a real asset to the area and should be developed sympathetically.

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Representation ID: 1227

SUPPORT Berkshire, Buckinghamshire & Oxfordshire Wildlife Trust (Mr Neil Rowntree)


We support these policies which are necessary in order to comply with NPPF requirements regarding biodiversity and the natural environment, and the NERC Act (2006) duty with regard to biodiversity. If proposals are made to modify them we would welcome the opportunity to discuss if that affects their soundness in our opinion.

Note that we are aware that the Natural Environment Partnership (the NEP, which is the equivalent of a Local Nature Partnership in Buckinghamshire) is asking for a modification with respect to the supporting text of Policy I1 Green Infrastructure. We support that modification which in the interests of brevity we do not repeat here - please refer to the NEP response.

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Representation ID: 908

SUPPORT The Canal & River Trust (Jane Hennell)


The Canal & River Trust fully support this policy and look forward to continuing to work with the council to support the improvement and enhancement of the Grand Union canal and its arms, and linkages to it , as multi- functional Green Infrastructure.

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Representation ID: 879

SUPPORT Mr Nick Moody


I think there is a need for " protection " as well as enhancement. Better farming practice in rural communities can help in this respect and should be encouraged.

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Representation ID: 670

SUPPORT Royal Society For Protection Of Birds (RSPB) (Mr Colin Wilkinson)


The RSPB welcomes and strongly supports draft policy I1. For the rationale, please refer to our comments on draft Policy D1 and the attached letter dated 19-9-16.

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Representation ID: 393

OBJECT National Trust - Waddesdon Estate/Hartwell House (Mr Simon Milliken)


The Waddesdon Estate; National Trust and Hartwell House object to the Aylesbury Linear Park proposals insofar as they will have a detrimental impact on their landowning interests on the south-west side of Aylesbury Town

More details about Rep ID: 393

Representation ID: 322

OBJECT Cllr Warren Whyte


The management of green infrastructure (and other community facilities such as playgrounds) should have the option of being transferred to an appropriate authority (such as a parish council) or to be held in a resident-led not-for-profit management organisation. Ideally the district council would promote a new Parks Trust type model.

More details about Rep ID: 322

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