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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - I2 Sports and recreation

Representation ID: 1711

OBJECT Richborough Estates represented by RPS Planning & Development (Mr Cameron Austin-Fell)


The correct approach is to include standards in SPD as evidence base. However, at the present time, there is no up-to-date standard to be able to assess. It is advised that further and specific consultation is undertaken on this prior to moving to the submission consultation as the policy suggests.

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Representation ID: 1474

OBJECT Sport England (South East Region) (Office Manager


This policy refers to 'open book financial analysis of the proposed development'. If a development contribution cannot be secured to meet needs arising from the development then the Council should consider whether or not the planning application should be refused. Requirements for planning contributions should be justified using the evidence base for sport and recreation facilities (currently being prepared).

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Representation ID: 996

OBJECT Sport England (South East Region) (Office Manager


Sport England is concerned that the Council has yet to adopt a Playing Pitch Strategy or Built Sports Facilities Strategy to provide a robust and up-to-date assessment of the need for sports and recreation facilities. It is understood that the Council has undertaken to produce this work and Sport England will work with the Council to bring this forward.

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Representation ID: 803

OBJECT Define (on behalf of Bovis Homes) (Mr Mark Rose) represented by Define (on behalf of Bovis Homes) (Mr Mark Rose)


Bovis Homes, therefore, object to Policy I2, which is considered unsound on the basis that it is inconsistent with national policy.

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