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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 11.16

Representation ID: 818

OBJECT Theatres Trust (Mr Ross Anthony)


Paragraph 70 of the NPPF states that in 'promoting healthy communities', planning decisions should 'plan positively for cultural buildings' and 'guard against the loss of cultural facilities and services.'

The comments in paragraph 4.229 suggest theatres and cultural buildings will be protected by Policy I3, however this is not the case. Nor is it supported by the separate definitions of 'community facilities' and 'cultural facilities' in the glossary.

To reflect the NPPF guidance on safeguarding cultural assets, we recommend 'cultural buildings' is added to the list of uses in para 11.16 and to the glossary description.

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Representation ID: 645

OBJECT J & J Design (Mr John Shephard)


Brackley Fox Lane Gospel Hall Trust object to the policy vacuum for community facilities which are not associated with new residential development, including a draft policy amendment.
The Trust also object to the Definition of Community Facilities in the Glossary, which are not limited to 'multi-purpose'.

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