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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 3.17

Representation ID: 2718

OBJECT Ainscough Strategic Land represented by Turley Associates (Taylor Cherrett)


We would question whether the approach of over-allocating by 5.2% provides sufficient headroom to ensure the delivery of a significant uplift in the housing requirement, especially when the Council has had a track record of under delivery in previous year. To provide the context ASL would highlight that since 2011 the Council have only achieved the delivery of 1,370 new homes (the proposed annual requirement) in 2014/15.

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Representation ID: 2385

OBJECT Nash Parish Council (Mr John Hamilton)


Another major problem with the VALP springs up every time any of the figures for housing is looked
at in detail, it is very difficult to establish a set point. Almost all the figures given are variations, 650
more houses, 15 more traveller pitches, but nowhere are the base or starting figures nor the target
figures for 2033. This makes assessment of the plan difficult as also any future monitoring.
Minor points which appear include in paragraph 3.17 the suggestion, with little backing, that a 5.9%
contingency should be added to the housing figure which becomes 5.2% in table 1.

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Representation ID: 1892

OBJECT Amarillo Ltd & Scandale Ltd represented by Planning Prospects (Mr Chris Dodds)


Regarding the inclusion of a new settlement we consider that the VALP current position is likely to give rise to significant objection from residents of numerous settlements which will hamper the delivery of the required homes in Aylesbury Vale. The New Settlement should be allocated now and not part of an early review due to the length of time to deliver a new settlement.
Land to the North of Winslow (WIN001 - Greenway project) has been previously promoted is the most sustainable option for a new settlement in the district and is located adjacent to key infrastructure priorities.

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Representation ID: 1813

OBJECT Mrs Alina Neagoe


how will the AVDC plan change if the 2250 homes from the un-met need for WDC will no longer be transferred to Aylesbury Vale District (because Wycombe District must fully respect the Buckinghamshire Duty to Cooperate Memorandum of Understanding)? What if also some of the 5,750 dwellings will no longer be transferred from Chiltern/South Bucks? Will this Local Plan for Aylesbury Vale continue to reflect the reality after serious modifications regarding the un-met need (being jeopardized)? Does the Aylesbury Vale have a back-up Local Plan to contain only the number of homes originally set up for this District (19,400 dwellings)?

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Representation ID: 1080

OBJECT Mr. Terry Annable represented by Framptons Town Planning (Ms. Karen Hingley)


The Housing Land Supply of 28,830 represents a buffer of only 5.2%. In Medium Villages identified in Table 2, provision is made in Policy S2(h) for 1,095 dwellings of which 274 are allocations and the remainder are completions/commitments. Given uncertainties about delivery in the Medium Villages, it would be reasonable to expect a higher level of non-implementation than 5.2%. There is justification for additional allocations at Medium Villages provided they meet the requirements of Policy S2(h) i.e. "at a scale in keeping with the local character and setting." Land south of Gawcott is proposed as an allocation for 24 dwellings.

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