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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 11.34

Representation ID: 1901

OBJECT Thornborough Parish Council (Maggie Beach)


section 11.34 it states that Aylesbury Vale is in a state of Water stress, meaning it has poor overall water quality and quantity of water resources hindering the achievement of the Good status under the Water Framework Directive. This is a major issue that must be addressed and the VALP needs a more definitive plan regarding water stress. There is a considerable concern that even limited development in many older settlements will put strain on drainage and water services, which latter is not fully addressed.

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Representation ID: 285

SUPPORT Gt Brickhill Parish Council (Mr Christopher Leech)


Aylesbury Vale is a geographic area where most potable water is sourced from Acquifers either within the vale or outside it. Given the population increase proposed in the VALP maintaining, good water supply, and improving its quality from the marginal quality acknowledged here would seem to demand a greater importance than is alluded to here, where it gets the briefest mention. AVDC needs to show how it can work with Thames Water and Anglian Water to reduce the state of Water Stress that currently exists to ensure high quality water supply for the increased population.

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