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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - S2 Spatial Strategy for Growth, Table 1 Spatial strategy for growth in Aylesbury Vale

Representation ID: 2395

OBJECT Mr David Vowles


agree with methodology used, except the settlement hierarchy approach is now meaningless regarding policy differentiation among larger and medium villages.

plan is also unsound with regards to housing provision. approval of plan should be subject to immediate review.

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Representation ID: 2016

OBJECT Crest Strategic Projects represented by Savills Southampton (Mr Jon Gateley)


This strategy devalues Milton Keynes, which is unjustified, and threatens the prompt delivery of appropriate levels of planned growth, which is ineffective.

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Representation ID: 1865

OBJECT Halton Parish Council (Fiona Lippmann)


In both Tables 1 and 2 of S2 Spatial strategy for growth, the single line entry combining Wendover with Halton (Halton Camp) should be separated into distinct rows and Halton should have a distinct entry in the tables with the correct demarcation (a "smaller village") and its housing allocation (1,000 houses). In Table 2 the entry for Halton needs to have a description in column 2 highlighting why it has been selected for the 1,000 houses and how that fits within the settlement hierarchy.

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Representation ID: 1828

OBJECT Rectory Homes Limited (Mr Tim Northey)


as drafted is too reliant on delivery of small large strategic urban extension sites. strategy offers insufficient opportunities to small/medium sized House builders. a re-balanced spatial strategy is required which increases the proportion of housing delivery at sustainable rural settlements such as Haddenham. offering chance to enhance local services, reduce risk of delays with housing delivery and potential future housing land supply shortfall.

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Representation ID: 1714

SUPPORT Wendover Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Mr Jonathan Clover)


We welcome the recognition of Wendover's distinctive identity as a settlement
in the south of Aylesbury ValeWe welcome the recognition of Wendover's distinctive identity as a settlement
in the south of Aylesbury Vale

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Representation ID: 1090

OBJECT Gleeson Strategic Land represented by Nexus Planning Ltd (Mr Steven Doel)


That Table 1 should be amended to express housing numbers as a minimum.

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Representation ID: 950

OBJECT Thame Town Council (Mr Graeme Markland)


Some 1,205 dwellings have been identified within the Proposed Submission Plan. The occupants will use Thame's services yet no conversation has been sought by AVDC with Thame Town Council about the impact on local services, including schools and health facilities. No evidence exists of similar conversations with South Oxfordshire District Council, either.

officer Note: reassigned to Table 1 for relevance

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Representation ID: 812

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Keith Ware


The development of 1000+ houses on the Halton Camp site will add additional strain on Wendover and the local community in terms of transport, road congestion, local services, schools, hospitals and emergency services. A development of this scale is out of proportion with the ability of existing services to facilitate it.

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Representation ID: 781

OBJECT Amarillo Ltd & Scandale Ltd represented by Planning Prospects (Mr Chris Dodds)


Not with standing our concerns over the level of housing growth put forward in the VALP (subject to a separate response form) we do not consider that a 5.2% buffer gives sufficient flexibility should the sites identified by the Council not deliver at the rate or density anticipated in the Plan or even should they fail to deliver at all. This is particularly concerning where the VALP includes a number of large strategic allocations which are subject to significant delivery constraints such as major infrastructure requirements (including being linked to delivery of HS2).

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Representation ID: 671

SUPPORT Wendover Parish Council (Jane Ellis)


The WPC welcomes the consideration of Wendover and Halton RAF camp together as the 1128 houses in the local area will impact greatly on the infrastructure of Wendover both in services and traffic.

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Representation ID: 575

OBJECT Marrons Planning (Jane Gardner)


Provision needs to be made for additional dwellings in Table 1. A significant proportion of these dwellings could and should be provided in the most sustainable location for development within the District, namely adjacent and within the vicinity of Milton Keynes; an area which Milton Keynes Council in its Plan:MK Strategic Development Directions consultation described as "an arc of urban extensions" which includes the land to the 'south and west around Newton Longville'.

This area has the scope and capacity for more development than AVDC is currently envisaging.

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Representation ID: 308

OBJECT Cllr Warren Whyte


The note to Table 1 says: This represents a 5.2% buffer on top of the total housing requirement made up of Aylesbury Vale's objectively assessed need and the unmet need from other authorities (27,400). There is no evidence as to why this should be 5.2% and should be amended to 5% (which could then reduce the pressure on the over-scaled allocations in Maids Moreton)

More details about Rep ID: 308

Representation ID: 158

SUPPORT Mrs Sheila Bulpett


I welcome the consideration of Wendover and Halton RAF camp together as the 1128 houses in the local area will impact greatly on the infrastructure of Wendover both in services and traffic.
I have concerns over the coalescence of Halton Village and Wendover however, as a result of this development and who will gain S106 funds as both parishes will be impacted.

More details about Rep ID: 158

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