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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - Buckingham and Maids Moreton

Representation ID: 2198

OBJECT Bloor Homes (Emily Hale)


The Policies Map for Buckingham shows land at Bourton Road to be included under
the Local Landscape Area (LLA), shown as green hatching.. We question the validity of the evidence base and the designation of LLAs nos. 7 &
8, particularly considering that only LLA 8 at east of Buckingham has been carried
forward to the Proposals Map. Land to the west of Buckingham instead includes
housing and employment allocation sites.

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Representation ID: 1723

OBJECT Wates Developments Ltd. represented by Boyer Planning Ltd (Jonathan Liberman)


Representations made by Wates to the Draft VALP in December 2016 included robust evidence to support residential development across all the land under control by Wates. This is shown as Appendix One to the Proposed Submission representations. The technical work undertaken to date has assessed not only the potential of BUC046 but also the potential of this larger site to accommodate residential development. Should it become apparent through the examination process that additional housing is required then Wates submits that the remainder of the land under their control could be included as a suitable development option.

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Representation ID: 1698

OBJECT Mr. C Morris and Mr. P Cowley represented by CC Town Planning (Mr Ross Middleton)


The site BUC020 needs a cross reference to para 4.127 and vice versa to give information about the site and the development.

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Representation ID: 810

OBJECT Miss Anita Matthews


- Maids Moreton only achieves 4 out of 6 characteristics criteria - a small village.
- Population >60% increase, average for medium villages in plan is 14%.
- Increased demand on schools and medical services in Buckingham.
- Impact on amenities/transport in village (and Buckingham).
- Existing residents will be deprived of parking, for themselves and visitors.
- Designated Conservation Area - duty of the Council to preserve/enhance status, proposals fail to do this.
- Pasture/farmland, not on brownfield sites. Not 'sustainable development'.
- Will destroy the identity of Maids Moreton, an historic village.

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Representation ID: 807

OBJECT Miss Eleanor Bailey



1) Impact that proposed development will have, not only in Maids Moreton but in Buckingham town itself.

2) Will worsen existing traffic problems. Accommodating housing needs for other parts of the county, increasing commuter traffic to other towns as there is little employment in the local area.

3) Proposed development will harm, if not destroy, quality of village life that some villagers have hitherto enjoyed.

I note there is land to the south of the river Great Ouse already nominated for houses in the Buckingham Local Plan that could easily accommodate housing without destroying a delightful village.

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Representation ID: 805

OBJECT Mr Richard Myers


BUC043 should not be included in the plan:
It is not in the Buckingham local plan and a planning application on this land was rejected this year by the Secretary Of State.
There is land to the south of the river Great Ouse that is already nominated for houses in the Buckingham local plan that could accommodate this number of houses.
The housing will add to the current traffic over load on Moreton Road and the town centre.

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Representation ID: 560

OBJECT Mr David Child


BUC043 should not be included as it was excluded by the residents when the Buckingham local plan was consulted and in the vote approving the local plan

More details about Rep ID: 560

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