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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 3.20

Representation ID: 2391

OBJECT Mr David Vowles


agree with methodology used, except the settlement hierarchy approach is now meaningless regarding policy differentiation among larger and medium villages.

plan is also unsound with regards to housing provision. approval of plan should be subject to immediate review.

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Representation ID: 2208

OBJECT North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium (Mr Geoff Culverhouse)


flawed because the Plan gives no account of how VALP has robustly established "the capacity of each settlement to accommodate housing growth." It is important to bear in mind that the district-wide housing growth in VALP is 36% without the buffer and total growth of 40% across the district including the buffer.

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Representation ID: 1433

OBJECT Winslow Town Council (Dr Sean Carolan)


The Plan gives no account of how the Plan has robustly established "the capacity of each settlement to accommodate housing growth." The second tier in the Plan's settlement hierarchy comprises all the larger, more sustainable villages that have at least reasonable access to facilities and services and public transport, making them sustainable locations for development [WTC's emphasis added]. A Local Plan which does not demand that these second tier settlements should provide housing growth that meets their individual demographic growth as a minimum during the Plan period, would appear to be unsound.

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Representation ID: 999

SUPPORT Hertfordshire County Council (Martin Wells)


HCC would anticipate that any increase in demand arising from new housing proposed in Aylesbury Vale District is managed in the local area(s) with new school places being provided where required as part of Buckinghamshire's school planning strategy.

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Representation ID: 736

OBJECT Sue Barber


Halton hierarchy appears to be based on population, a percentage of which is comprised of RAF personnel and supporting staff. This has not been specified. When Halton camp closes the population will decrease considerably therefore making the hierarchy based on population incorrect.

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Representation ID: 678

SUPPORT Whaddon Parish Council (Ms Suzanne Lindsey)


WPC believe Whaddon village can do 'it's part' in helping provide some new housing, but really want this to be homes to support the community, rather than just expensive large homes that in the main do little to support village traditional village life.

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Representation ID: 142

SUPPORT Ms Patience Skillings


This seems completely logical.

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