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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - Haddenham

Representation ID: 917

OBJECT Jake Collinge Planning Consultancy Ltd (Mr Jake Collinge)


Objection is raised to the details of D-HAD007 on the basis that the identification of land to the rear of 14 Townsend as a 'not built development' area is unjustified and irrational in planning terms, and reduces the efficiency and effectiveness of housing delivery on D-HAD007.

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Representation ID: 535

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Chris & Angela Matthews


Churchway West
17/02280/AOP Haddenham Churchway west

The plans in the VALP refer to the need to have a link road between the new houses and the airfield road "if possible". In our opinion, planning permission should not be given unless it is a specific requirement that such a road is built, otherwise planning permission will not be given.If the road is not built, then it is very likely that too much traffic will go through minor village roads to get to the station and other destinations.

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