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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - Halton

Representation ID: 816

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Keith Ware


The scale of this development is too big for it's location

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Representation ID: 749

OBJECT Sue Barber


The map shows lifting of the green belt for housing development. No employment sites are shown even though there is existing employment. Halton House and its grounds are protected but not shown as such.

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Representation ID: 265

OBJECT Laxton Properties (Mr Ed Whetham)


The owners of Halton Brook Business Park are in favour of its designation as a protected employment site. However, the map for Halton incorrectly identifies the location of Halton Brook Business Park. In fact, Halton Brook Business Park is located in Aston Clinton, in the location shown on the attached plan.

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Representation ID: 233

OBJECT Brocksmoor Projects Ltd (Mr Martin Wilkinson)


The map shows housing allocation for Halton covering what appears to be the whole of the RAF Halton site, including the large playing fields on the west. This would be unnaceptable, as it woudl remove sports fields which are currently used by the community (football clubs), and open green liesre space. This proposal does not recognise and retain leisure facilities for the comunity.

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Representation ID: 172

SUPPORT Mrs Sheila Bulpett


The area for housing is mainly the built up area which is good, but this also includes the sports complex, astroturf and most of the football playing fields used by local groups. It was hoped that these would be retained.

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Representation ID: 137

OBJECT Mrs Beverley Crowe


An outer ring road for Aylesbury
Better road network between Halton development and Aylesbury
Improved GP and school facilities
Better parking

More details about Rep ID: 137

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