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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - Table 2 Proposed settlement hierarchy and housing development

Representation ID: 2684

OBJECT Amarillo Ltd & Scandale Ltd represented by Planning Prospects (Mr Chris Dodds)


Comment on S2(d), table 1 and table 2. The current draft of the VALP is unsustainably reliant on Aylesbury and the District's villages to deliver the District's much needed homes, whilst Winlsow, a Top Tier Strategic Settlement where growth should be
concentrated, is identified to deliver a disproportionately low and insufficient level of housing for a settlement of its status. This is exacerbated when additional growth linked to East-West Rail and the provision of a new station in Winslow is considered. As currently drafted the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan will not deliver the homes required in the District and has not considered fully all of the reasonable alternative options available to the District.

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Representation ID: 2396

OBJECT Mr David Vowles


agree with methodology used, except the settlement hierarchy approach is now meaningless regarding policy differentiation among larger and medium villages.

plan is also unsound with regards to housing provision. approval of plan should be subject to immediate review.

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Representation ID: 2209

OBJECT North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium (Mr Geoff Culverhouse)


The inconsistency of the Settlement Hierarchy and the housing delivery expected of individual settlements is also exemplified by VALP's demands of Maids Moreton detailed in Table 2. Maids Moreton is defined as a 'medium village,' it currently comprises roughly 370 homes yet VALP specifies it will have an allocation of 170 additional homes for delivery during the Plan period. This is a 46% growth in housing, proportionately greater than all the second tier larger villages including Aston Clinton!

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Representation ID: 2087

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


the "sustainability" of different settlements in the district appears to be based solely or primarily on accessibility to facilities and services. However, this is a very limited and somewhat outdated basis for ascertaining the "sustainability" of a settlement - consideration should also be given to the environmental capacity of a settlement to accommodate new development, with reference to potential impacts on the historic environment - many of the district's 124 conservation areas are in the villages. (This would be in accordance with the statement in paragraph 3.10 of the Plan).

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Representation ID: 2017

OBJECT Crest Strategic Projects represented by Savills Southampton (Mr Jon Gateley)


This strategy devalues Milton Keynes, which is unjustified, and threatens the prompt delivery of appropriate levels of planned growth, which is ineffective.

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Representation ID: 2000

OBJECT Society of Merchant Ventures represented by Savills Reading (Mrs Rebecca McAllister)


Table 2 confirms that there is no need to allocate any additional housing growth at Cheddington.
However, given the Council's housing shortfall (see comments to Policy S2), we consider that there is a need to allocate additional housing - including at Cheddington - to meet the full OAN for Aylesbury Vale.
See further details in the attached covering letter.

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Representation ID: 1949

SUPPORT Hertfordshire County Council (Martin Wells)


Weston Turville
36 homes are proposed in Weston Turville. This level of growth will have a minimal impact on school places in Hertfordshire.

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Representation ID: 1948

SUPPORT Hertfordshire County Council (Martin Wells)



HCC would recommend that Aylesbury Vale District Council ensure that sufficient school places are provided in tandem with the proposed new housing development to prevent additional pressure being placed on existing schools where there are already capacity issues.
HCC would anticipate that any increase in demand arising from new housing proposed in Aylesbury Vale District is managed in the local area(s) with new school places being provided where required as part of Buckinghamshire's school planning strategy.

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Representation ID: 1947

SUPPORT Hertfordshire County Council (Martin Wells)


18 homes are proposed in Ivinghoe. This level of growth will have a minimal impact on school places in Hertfordshire.

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Representation ID: 1946

SUPPORT Hertfordshire County Council (Martin Wells)


Aston Clinton

HCC would recommend that Aylesbury Vale District Council ensure that sufficient school places are provided in tandem with the proposed new housing development to prevent additional pressure being placed on existing schools where there are already capacity issues.

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Representation ID: 1945

SUPPORT Hertfordshire County Council (Martin Wells)


Wendover/ Halton

HCC would anticipate that any increase in demand arising from new housing proposed in Aylesbury Vale District is managed in the local area(s) with new school places being provided where required as part of Buckinghamshire's school planning strategy.

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Representation ID: 1866

OBJECT Halton Parish Council (Fiona Lippmann)


In both Tables 1 and 2 of S2 Spatial strategy for growth, the single line entry combining Wendover with Halton (Halton Camp) should be separated into distinct rows and Halton should have a distinct entry in the tables with the correct demarcation (a "smaller village") and its housing allocation (1,000 houses). In Table 2 the entry for Halton needs to have a description in column 2 highlighting why it has been selected for the 1,000 houses and how that fits within the settlement hierarchy.

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Representation ID: 1823

OBJECT DPD Architects (Mr Mark Longworth)


Proposed housing development allocations in Weston Turville, is unbalanced allocation is contrary and fails to support to the strategic objectives, by failing to provide an appropriate level of growth to preserve and enhance the village facilities of Weston Turville, and fails to provide an appropriate mix of housing.

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Representation ID: 1527

OBJECT Bellway Homes represented by Turley Associates (Mr Christopher Roberts)


it is noted that Stoke Mandeville, Bierton and Weston Turville do not have their own housing requirement due to their proximity to Aylesbury. Despite being categorised as "Medium Villages', each of their requirements are included within Aylesbury's overall requirement of 16,398 dwellings (See Proposed Submission Policy S2, Table 3). This effectively ascribes Weston Turville the status of 'Strategic Settlement', as part of Aylesbury.

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Representation ID: 1475

OBJECT Vanderbilt Strategic represented by Wessex Environmental Planning (Andrew Blackwell)


The SA has not looked at Aston Clinton fairly. The evidence base does not point to a finite environmental, school or other infrastructure capacity for Aston Clinton having been reached. Policy S 2 plus supporting tables and text references should therefore be amended to allow a further allocation at Aston Clinton and with the suggestion of 89 homes on land adjacent to College Road South.

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Representation ID: 1444

SUPPORT South Oxfordshire District Council (Mr. Ryan Hunt)


Page 38 of VALP sets out the overall number of
dwellings to come forward during the plan period. At Haddenham a total of 1,051 homes of which
more than half are committed or completed. The remaining 315 being allocated within the VALP. On
its own it is not considered to have a significant impact on South Oxfordshire, particularly as this is a
significant reduction on previous versions of the VALP which included a new settlement near

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Representation ID: 990

OBJECT Mrs Carole Hawkins


Although the housing quota for Marsworth has been reduced, it is still designated a medium village. This should not be. The plan allows for building on brown field sites as of preference and yet recently permission was refused for the building on the derelict pub site in the village on the basis that it was in the country and not in the centre of the village-it is one minute walk from the pub and 2 minutes from the recreation ground and village hall and less than 5 minutes walk from the church and school.

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Representation ID: 944

OBJECT Thame Town Council (Mr Graeme Markland)


AVDC identifies Haddenham as a service centre. It has been scored relatively against other Vale settlements, and has poor provision. Most main and top-up food shops trips are, and will be, made in Thame. Most journeys (95%+) are car-born. The level of housing committed and proposed suggests a population in excess of 7,000 for Haddenham. No effort has been made to redress shortfall.

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Representation ID: 894

OBJECT Chiltern Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty Conservation Board (Dr Lucy Murfett)


Settlement Hierarchy should make a distinction between AONB and non-AONB villages. Settlements in the AONB or its setting should have special consideration e.g. Ivinghoe, Edlesborough, Pitstone, Aston Clinton, Marsworth, Cheddington, Stoke Mandeville and Weston Turville. More weight should be given to population size as well as facilities e.g. >2000 population plus key criteria. It does not make sense for Ivinghoe, a village of only 722 people and constrained by the AONB, to be a 'larger village'. It has the smallest population of any 'larger village' and is smaller than Chardon which at 862 people is a 'smaller village'.

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Representation ID: 737

OBJECT Sue Barber


Halton and Wendover are not the same parish and should not be put together to calculate housing needs. Halton is not within a reasonable walking distance of Wendover.

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Representation ID: 666

OBJECT Winslow Town Council (Dr Sean Carolan)


There is an allocation of a single site for housing growth in Winslow which is contrary to:
(a) NPPF para 185 covering the key aim/promise of Neighbourhood Planning which
enables communities to decide where new homes should be located;
(b) various Ministerial Statements along the same lines; and
(c) para 1.20 of the proposed Submission VALP which confirms that made Neighbourhood Plans can determine how development will take place in their area.

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Representation ID: 586

OBJECT Dr Julia Swallow


We wish to see site STW004 allocated in the VALP. It was considered wrongly to be 'unsuitable' in the HELAA and the VALP does not propose any allocations at Stewkley. A small development focusing on smaller properties, supporting families and village life would complement Sycamore Close, a street administered by the Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, who support such a development. The site would be accessed via Sycamore Close. The Highway Authority raised no objection in reply to an application for "Pre App" advice in 2014.

More details about Rep ID: 586

Representation ID: 577

OBJECT Marrons Planning (Jane Gardner)


These comments relate to the 'Land adjacent to Milton Keynes' category and the provision of 2,212 dwellings.

Rey Construction does not agree with the conclusions of the HELAA (Version 4, January 2017). It is considered more sites could and should have been assessed as suitable, including 'land between Manor Farm and railway line, Whaddon Road' (Site Ref: NLV019).

Sites to the south of the railway line and north of Newton Longville should be assessed together to determine their suitability to provide a much larger SUE than currently identified.

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Representation ID: 469

OBJECT Brill Parish Council (Parish Clerk


We welcome the abandonment of the 96-house allocation. However, we have continued concerns regarding categorisation of Brill as a medium village. Policy D2 allows for development outside the developed footprint and to "make some contribution to meeting the housing needs of the district"
Given the special geography nature of Brill in its hilltop location. We feel that Brill should be reclassified as a small village.

More details about Rep ID: 469

Representation ID: 447

OBJECT Mr Barry Agnew


We note that you identify suitable areas of development as being behind certain houses in Main Street, we take issue with your view.

The concensus opinion put forward by the Parish Plan and Village Design Statement was to embrace limited development provided that it did not change the character of the Village. Any back land development behind Main Street would alter the character of the Village completely, and would totally go against the wishes contained in the above mentioned documents.

The only areas, in our view, that fulfill these conditions and continue tradition are along Cooks Lane, Whaddon Road and Little Horwood Road out to the extent of the 30mph signs. We feel these areas should be considered for any future development in advance of the back land sites you identify in your document.

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Representation ID: 383

SUPPORT National Trust - Waddesdon Estate/Hartwell House (Mr Simon Milliken)


Strongly in favour of the proposed reduction in the number of dwellings at Stone from 208 to 36, in which it is noted that the Sustainability Appraisal (SA) of the VALP, Technical Annex, September, 2017 states that a reduction in capacity is on the grounds that 'Stone is a constrained settlement given its location on the edge of Aylesbury, in proximity to the proposed route of the HS2 and also the proposed 1,550 homes South West Aylesbury MDA; and also given the presence of Hartwell House to the east; and a proposed locally designated landscape to the north'

More details about Rep ID: 383

Representation ID: 329

SUPPORT Mr Ian Metherell


The numbers are not aligned with the settlements in the table.

More details about Rep ID: 329

Representation ID: 326

OBJECT Carol West


In spite of numerous letters Marsworth is still designated at as Medium size village although there is very little amenities in the village.

I understand the need for houses and I was hoping that the quota for the village would be fulfilled by the development of the White Lion in Marsworth, which is an eye sore that has applied for planning permission but each time the plans have been reject for some minor detail. Would you please reinstate the White Lion as being used for residential properties and the development plan be passed.

More details about Rep ID: 326

Representation ID: 307

OBJECT Cllr Warren Whyte


Maids Moreton is classified as a "Medium Village" for several reasonable reasons due to the lack of local amenities but a reasonable closeness (by car and occasional bus) to Buckingham. However Table 2 has allocated 171 houses which is far in excess of other medium villages, and indeed is more than all but 3 of the "Large Villages" allocation with their better facilities and connections.

More details about Rep ID: 307

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