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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.1

Representation ID: 752

SUPPORT Peter Brett Associates LLP (Mr Tim Coleby)


Buckinghamshire Advantage (BA) has made an outline planning application for development of land at Aylesbury Woodlands which, along with adjoining land, is the subject of policy AGT3 of the VALP. The Council's Strategic Development Management Committee resolved on 26th October 2017 to approve the application subject to conditions and the completion of a S106 Planning Obligation. Detailed discussions in this regard are underway and it is hoped that planning permission can be granted in March 2018.

Overall BA supports the VALP, although clarifications and minor revisions or re-structuring are suggested where appropriate.

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Representation ID: 741

SUPPORT Buckingham Town Council (Mr Christopher Wayman)


BTC welcomes that with the advent of an up-to-date Local Plan as part of the overall Development Plan, opportunistic development which the Town Council has opposed will become less of a feature in the North of the District. BTC has invested considerable public money in the preparation and making of the BNDP [October 2015] which together with VALP [when adopted] will form the LDP for Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Area in the immediate future. VALP also provides the up-to-date Local Plan from which any review of the BNDP can assess its compliance with the Strategic Plans as set out in VALP.

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Representation ID: 531

OBJECT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


The Buckingham Society recognises the need for more development in our part of the District. Nimbyism has never been any part of the Society's philosophy. However, it is the society's view that the VALP has many weaknesses that need to be addressed and that, in disregarding the Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan, the writers of the VALP have wilfully and unnecessarily ignored the views of the residents of Buckingham.

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Representation ID: 149

OBJECT Mr David Saunders


VALP paragraph 1.1 states:

"... this Local Plan, once adopted, will form the main part of it for the district, replacing the 2004 Local Plan saved policies."

As written, the VALP will not replace the AVDLP saved policies but will sit alongside them. The attached pdf file states why this is the case.

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