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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.8

Representation ID: 2557

OBJECT Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (Mr. Tony Skeggs)


Stoke Mandeville Parish Council does not challenge the village's designation as a larger village, but
does remain very concerned about the potential for coalescence between the village and an
expanding town. AVDC must set out clearly what specific protection will be given to 'locations
that are, or will be experiencing, the strongest pressures for development.' Stoke Mandeville is
clearly such a location and deserves the best protection from this point on.

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Representation ID: 2471

OBJECT Jackson Planning (Planning Manager


The plan completely fails to recognise the on-going work by the National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) to accommodate
over a million new homes in the Cambridge-Milton Keynes-Oxford arc. There needs to be greater acknowledgement about
the role Aylesbury Vale District Council (AVDC) must play in shaping the future of the city as part of the 2050 spatial vision
and the plan needs a specific policy that deals with how this will be accommodated until 2033 which is the time period for the

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Representation ID: 1923

OBJECT Revera Limited (Mr Renshaw Watts) represented by Pegasus Group (Mr Rob Riding)


Proposed housing requirement does not represent OAN as a result of the unjustified assumptions in the HEDNA and that is will continue to be significantly below the local housing need in the future. As a result, the housing requirement must be amended to reflect reasonable assumptions and provide for a min of 24,000 (23,986 rounded) to meet the needs of Aylesbury Vale in the interim

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Representation ID: 1909

OBJECT Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Behrendt)


Of particular concern is the fact that the latest HEDNA anticipates that AVDC are expected to see household growth that is significantly lower than that set out in the original HEDNA. The reason why this concern is so important is that AVDC are expecting to meet the unmet needs arising from the other authorities in the HMA.

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Representation ID: 1908

OBJECT Home Builders Federation Ltd (Mr Mark Behrendt)


Having examined the 2014 HMA projects, we note between 2013 and 2033 total households were 1,925 higher than 2012 based projections. The updated HEDNA though sets out a distinctly different projection of household growth. Between 2013 and 2033 updated HEDNA expects demographic starting point for assessing housing needs to be 2,826 less than previous HEDNA using 2012 based household projections. surprising that the updated HEDNA would see the opposite trend to official projections. Despite significant discrepancy we cannot find explanation as to why the upward trend in the official projections leads to a reduction in households using the Council's methodology.

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Representation ID: 1715

SUPPORT Wates Developments Ltd. represented by Boyer Planning Ltd (Jonathan Liberman)


The Council's decision to base its housing requirement on the full OAN of 19,400 homes as set out in the Buckinghamshire HEDNA is supported.

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Representation ID: 1084

OBJECT High Barrow Holdings (Mr. Ikram Haq) represented by Ingleton Wood LLP (Rebecca Howard)


The VALP fails to appropriately consider alternatives and the likely significant developments from the Oxford-Cambridge Corridor and thus wider distribution of growth across the District.

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Representation ID: 1047

OBJECT Buckinghamshire County Council (SA Sharp)


clarification on:
 The assessment of housing need and how the Government's position on the methodology may
affect the plan over the plan period.

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Representation ID: 1038

OBJECT Coda Planning (Mr Adam Murray)


However, when taking into account DCLG's proposed
new standardised approach to calculating OAN based on local housing
affordability, this changes substantially. When viewed through this new lens, the
OAN set out in the VALP could see a potential increase of up to 55%. This
dramatic shift would without doubt impact significantly on the soundness of the
Plan in its current form, and this will be discussed in greater detail in a later
section of this documen

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Representation ID: 292

OBJECT CPRE Buckinghamshire (Mr Neil Salisbury)


There is clearly a substantial need for new housing in Aylesbury Vale, particularly for affordable housing and this needs to be prioritised as well as ensuring new housing is accessible and meets the needs of both those with disabilities and an increasing number of elderly people.

We are not convinced that the level of need is as great as is being promoted, firstly because of the way trends have been projected forwards using UPC population adjustments and because the market uplift proposed for Aylesbury Vale does not seem to me justified. These comments are explained in the accompanying uploaded document.

More details about Rep ID: 292

Representation ID: 175

SUPPORT Mr David Saunders


I wish to support the use of the estimate of 19,400 new homes for meeting the housing requirement of Aylesbury Vale (excluding further need from adjoining authorities under the duty to cooperate), and to argue that reference to the new standardised method of calculating housing need would be inappropriate. Details of this argument are given in the attached pdf file.

More details about Rep ID: 175

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