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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.16

Representation ID: 2558

OBJECT Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (Mr. Tony Skeggs)


The Council believes that for economic and housing growth to be truly sustainable it must be
supported by the delivery of timely and appropriate infrastructure. It recognises that the submission
draft of VALP includes an infrastructure plan but would welcome greater understanding of how the
assessment was undertaken and the plan developed.
The submission plan also fails to make clear how AVDC plans to deal with developer contributions
and Community Infrastructure Levy proposals.

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Representation ID: 1361

OBJECT Pitstone Parish Council (Laurie Eagling)


It can be presumed that the increased residential development in the Pitstone region of the county will lead to an increased demand for commuter services from Tring railway station. At present there is no sustainable transport access from Bucks to this station in Herts, there is no bus service to the station nor foot/cycle path. The car parking provision at the station is limited, causing nuisance overflow parking. The parish council would urge AVDC to work with Dacorum/Herts Councils to seek solutions to this problem to ensure that residential development is sustainable and residents are not disadvantaged .

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Representation ID: 1360

SUPPORT Pitstone Parish Council (Laurie Eagling)


2. Infrastructure
The parish council would like to stress the importance of joint working with Bucks County Council and Herts County Councils (there is also significant residential growth planned for Tring, the residents arising from this will also need to access Aylesbury) to ensure the necessary supporting infrastructure is developed alongside residential development. In particular, a link road/ring road to improve access to Aylesbury will be very important as residents from the Pitstone area suffer long delays at certain times of day making access to Aylesbury for work/education/schooling/leisure very difficult and time consuming. This infrastructure should be planned alongside the residential developments to ensure that land that may be required for roads isn't utilising for housing before the highway plans are finalised.

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Representation ID: 930

OBJECT Mr Stuart Twigg


No mention of the massive strain placed on Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

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Representation ID: 835

SUPPORT The Canal & River Trust (Jane Hennell)


The Canal & River Trust wish to highlight the range of benefits that the canal can bring to the town.

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Representation ID: 637

SUPPORT Drayton Parslow Parish Council (Parish Clerk)


Sewerage issues must be considered even at smaller villages allocations. The impact is just as serious in a smaller community where adequate provisions are overlooked.

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Representation ID: 616

SUPPORT Whaddon Parish Council (Ms Suzanne Lindsey)


These comments are intended to impress how important the provision of adequate and required infrastructure are, and how the North of the district is currently insufficiently served to take the amount of housing development being proposed.

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Representation ID: 543

SUPPORT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


Fast reliable Broadband must be specifically included as part of essential infrastructure provision

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Representation ID: 262

OBJECT Ms Alison Watt


The Transport section (7.1) starts "An important policy tool to achieve this is a people-orientated transport hierarchy i.e. prioritising walking and providing access for people with mobility impairment, cycling, public transport, cars (for occupiers on site and visitors), powered twowheelers,and commercial vehicles. " Yet, there is no recognition of this in the background to the provision of infrastructure - no mention of footpaths and cycle ways; in fact what comes first and so given most salience are "new roads". For the hierarchy to be sound it needs to permeate the VALP, not just the section on Transport.

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Representation ID: 125

OBJECT Penny Miles


I do not believe that sufficient changes are proposed to existing roads infrastructure to meet the extra capacity that all the new housing will bring. The proposals do not fully take into account how overstretched the roads in Aylesbury Vale already are with daily traffic queues in many areas at best and not infrequent gridlock at worst - this is a serious issue endured by residents on a daily basis that needs to be addressed by the plane

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