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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.17

Representation ID: 2723

OBJECT Kier Property represented by Planning Potential (Nona Jones)


In light of the increasing demand for housing within the Oxford-Cambridge corridor supported in the Autumn 2017 Budget, we consider that the VALP is not robust enough to support national infrastructure objectives. The implications of such commitments have not been considered adequately within the VALP and we consider that the plan needs to be more longsighted, considering the cumulative impacts of the infrastructure commitments at adoption stage rather than a piecemeal approach. The VALP should include a detailed policy and strategic objective on how they are going to commit to budget spending and contribute towards achieving 1,000,000 homes by 2050.

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Representation ID: 2559

OBJECT Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (Mr. Tony Skeggs)


SMPC cannot see what significant changes the District council has made to VALP following Royal
Assent for Phase 1 of HS2 (between London and Birmingham).
SMPC looks forward to working with AVDC to shape the proposed green infrastructure network,
especially plans for a linear park adjacent to HS2 in Hawkslade. It does, however, continue to
question how a corridor approximately 180m wide can accommodate housing, a linear park, a
distributor road and most importantly, better visual mitigation for existing homes from HS2.

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Representation ID: 2279

OBJECT South West Milton Keynes Consortium represented by Carter Jonas - Associate SWMK Consortium (Mr Brian Flynn)


The potential relationship between East West Rail and the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway with Milton Keynes should be acknowledged in Paragraph 1.17. As set out in our representations, these transport infrastructure projects provide an opportunity to direct development to land to the South West of Milton Keynes; both the proposed allocation at Policy D-NLV001 and our request for an additional strategic allocation at Site Ref. NLV020.

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Representation ID: 2211

OBJECT North Bucks Parishes Planning Consortium (Mr Geoff Culverhouse)


There are 3 proposed routes across the Vale for the Oxford to Cambridge Expressway but a decision as to which will be the final agreed route is not expected for a further 18 months. Regardless of the option chosen it is clear that the government intends that this road will be delivered. It is surprising therefore VALP does not address the obvious issue of restricting development along these potential routes in the interim.

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Representation ID: 1052

OBJECT High Speed 2 Limited (HS2 Ltd) (Sir/Madam )


It is the HS2 Act that will require HS2 to be suitably mitigated, rather than the Local Plan.

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Representation ID: 932

OBJECT Mr Stuart Twigg


The strategy is I'll conceived and induced traffic demand rather than reduced it.

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Representation ID: 638

SUPPORT Drayton Parslow Parish Council (Parish Clerk)


The number of houses proposed for Aylesbury Vale is unsustainable without major transport infrastructure improvements. Developers appear to deliberately under-estimate the amount of traffic that will be generated and its effect on communities and surrounding areas. This needs to be more clearly defined setting out specific requirements.

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Representation ID: 405

OBJECT Stewkley Parish Council (Dr Gill Morgan)


Present growth is already creating significant local problems, giving rise to a contradiction between housing growth and conservation and local heritage principles, increased traffic and on street parking, heavy goods vehicles on unsuitable roads, pressure on primary school places and a sewerage system near capacity. Improved infrastructure and services are required in the rural areas such as our own as well as in the designated growth areas. Our infrastructure will be severely stressed when the Oxford/Cambridge Expressway and the East/West rail links are completed.

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Representation ID: 332

OBJECT Mr Chris Webbley


1) The need for circulation around Aylesbury (the orbital strategy) has not been properly assessed.

2) E-W Rail and the Expressway offer a unique set of opportunities, well within the timeframe of this Plan. AVDC's aim and thinking should be about proactively grasping and exploiting these, not on reactive mitigation.

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Representation ID: 123



The rail connections may already exist or be planned for, but the practicalities of reaching these railway stations or even parking at them is getting increasingly dissuasive for commuters to travel by train.

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