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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.20

Representation ID: 2560

OBJECT Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (Mr. Tony Skeggs)


SMPC is an area that has embraced neighbourhood planning, enabling the local community to have
a say in both the location and specification of growth. It is therefore disappointed that despite a
programme of community consultation about key development sites, views were ignored.
SMPC reserves the right to discuss future allocations, to inform both Neighbourhood and Local
Plans, based on commitments from AVDC about ongoing support for neighbourhood planning.
SMPC agrees that good communication between all parties is critical and looks forward to receiving
regular data, evidence and information from Aylesbury Vale District Council to support its
neighbourhood plan

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Representation ID: 1187

OBJECT Newton Longville Parish Council (Mr Mike Galloway)


The details in paragraphs 1.20 and 1.21 are not in compliance with government policy and guidance. The text requires modification to be sound and ensure it is positively prepared, justified, effective and consistent with national policy.

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Representation ID: 631

SUPPORT Drayton Parslow Parish Council (Parish Clerk)


Made Neighbourhood Plans need to be given due weight within the Local Plan

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Representation ID: 544

OBJECT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


The inclusion of BUC046 (Osier Way) as it stands is contrary to the Buckingham Neighbourhood Development Plan (BNDP). although a reserve site was included in the BNDP, and the need for additional housing acknowledged as a factor when reviewing the NP, no further sites had been the subject of local consultation. Particularly in view of the size of the proposed development. BUC046 should not be specifically detailed before the BNDP undergoes further consultations with the neighbourhood.

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