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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.22

Representation ID: 2561

OBJECT Stoke Mandeville Parish Council (Mr. Tony Skeggs)


The submission plan shows key 'greenfield' allocations are in Bierton, Weston Turville and Stoke
Mandeville. The allocation for Bierton is clearly a latter phase of the Kingsbrook development,
whilst Hampden Fields accounts for the Weston Turville allocation.
The largest parts of the allocations AGT-1 and AGT-2 are in Stoke Mandeville Parish, with no
suggestion from the map that coalescence between Aylesbury town and Stoke Mandeville village
will be avoided. Local residents and communities across the Parish are understandably concerned
about the map and deserve assurances that separation will be preserved.

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Representation ID: 442

OBJECT AOTRA (Mr Adrian Harford)


Committed development site AYL058 in Policies Map.
This site includes the Methodist Church, Coopers Yard car park and Elsinore House, all in Buckingham Street, and Cromwell House in New Street. As far as we are aware there are no commitments for the development of any of these, Development is committed only for Heron House. If it is proposed to convert any of these sites for housing they should be allocated for this purpose on the Policies Map.

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Representation ID: 392

OBJECT AOTRA (Mr Adrian Harford)


Extent of Primary Shopping Area should be increased to reflect the situation at the end of plan period.

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