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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.35

Representation ID: 2689

OBJECT Newton Longville Parish Council (Mr Mike Galloway)


The section on population (paragraphs 1.34 to 1.37) only quotes the 2011
census. Reference ought to also be made to later mid-year population
estimates30, particularly as the next section on Economy and Employment
quotes "the latest government figures from 2014". It would also be useful to
include a table showing growth over time, given the significant level of
growth within the district. Similar considerations should be given to other
figures that are given, they should be as up to date as possible, if relevant
refer to change over time and include references to source(s).

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Representation ID: 1434

OBJECT Winslow Town Council (Dr Sean Carolan)


Para 1.35 of the submission VALP states that during the Plan period there will be a growth in population of about 35,000 (once allowance has been made for the growth which took place between 2011 and 2013). With growth of 27,300 homes in the Plan period, this figure for population growth appears to be under-stated. WTC drew attention to this at the draft VALP stage, but has received no explanation for the apparent discrepancy, nor any correction of it in the submission Plan.

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Representation ID: 189

OBJECT Mr Tim Jones


The document opens with a statement claiming the plan needs to accomodate 27,400 new homes, yet section 1.35 states the population growth is an additional 40,000 people. Using the most recent Census figure of an average 2.3 persons per UK dwelling, that equates to an additional 17,391 houses, not 27,000.

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