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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.54

Representation ID: 1056

OBJECT Ms Maureen Simmons


According to the document "Parts of Aylesbury town suffer from road congestion at peak times". This is an understatement. Aylesbury town currently suffers from traffic congestion which is worse at peak times. One of the objectives of the Plan should be to ameliorate rather than exacerbate this situation. However, the Plan is likely to make the situation worse.

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Representation ID: 140

SUPPORT Ms Patience Skillings


With what action in mind?

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Representation ID: 122



In addition to new roads simply to connect new housing built in the outskirts of Aylesbury, there needs serious investment in accommodating all the extra vehicles that will come naturally with the housing as most people will commute in some form. Current infrastructure isn't coping with existing demands, making commuting even more unviable for travel times to work/school.

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