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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.55

Representation ID: 809

OBJECT Mr & Mrs Keith Ware


Existing Chiltern Railway services and car parking are already close to capacity at peak times. The development of additional housing in the Vale will add additional strain to these services. It is already difficult to get a seat commuting into London from Wendover, a service which is 45mins non-stop.

Has Chiltern Railway been consulted on proposed development housing numbers and anticipated increases in commuter levels? Are they confident they can accommodate substantial increases in the level of commuters?

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Representation ID: 607

OBJECT Mr Trevor Toms


Existing transport infrastructure is already inadequate.

officer note: reassigned to 1.52 from 1.55 for relevance

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Representation ID: 126

OBJECT Mr Malcolm Oliver


The plan must recognise wider geography of the region & natural hinterland centres such as Leighton Buzzard, when planning transport infrastructure. Cheddington is not a favoured node, rather the main station at Leighton with more frequent & faster services.

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