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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 1.60

Representation ID: 2078

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


The terms "built environment" and "historic environment" are not interchangeable; not all heritage assets are built and the National Planning Policy Framework refers to the historic environment (distinguishing it from the built environment in paragraph 7) and even includes a specific definition of the historic environment.

We welcome the reference to the 124 conservation areas, but wonder why there is no reference to the 2,896 listing entries, 67 scheduled monuments and 10 registered historic parks and gardens in the district

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Representation ID: 871

SUPPORT Mr Nick Moody


Areas adjacent to these can also be an important and significant . They provide wildlife corridors, field patterns and hedges, copses, trees, drainage streams and small ponds. These all contribute to the rural character and sense of local identity that people living in an area experience.

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Representation ID: 837

OBJECT The Canal & River Trust (Jane Hennell)


The Canal & River Trust would prefer to see a canal related section which brings together reference to its multi- functionality and provides a specific policy to help determine development affecting the waterway, similar to the approach taken to rivers and streams in Policy NE3.

Officer Note: changed from support to Object - due to criticism

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