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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 2.5

Representation ID: 2081

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


we welcome and support Objective 5 and, in principle, Objective 6 as part of the positive strategy for conserving and enjoying, and clear strategy for enhancing, the historic environment required by paragraphs 126 and 157 of the National Planning Policy Framework. However, whilst the reference to managing development is understandable in a local plan, the Council can and should do more to ensure the protection and enhancement of the district's built, natural and historic environment.

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Representation ID: 1845

SUPPORT The Hampden Fields Consortium represented by Barton Willmore (Mr Mark Owen)


The HFC wish to express their support to the vision and objectives of the Proposed Submission VALP.
In particular, the HFC support the identification of Aylesbury as a strategic settlement (Draft Policy
53), which in January 2017 was given "Garden Town" status. As indicated at paragraph 4.2 of the
Proposed Submission VALP, Aylesbury is identified as playing a substantial and critical role in
delivering growth for the district and the rest of Buckinghamshire. The HFC support this statement.

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Representation ID: 529

OBJECT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


Buckingham may be the second largest settlement but in terms of its other "wide ranging facilities", it is weaker than Haddenham and Wendover as it has no rail links and has no stronger employment base than other settlements. We object to the inference that it is ONLY the south part of the district that has substantial tracts of high quality landscape. Rural areas north of Aylesbury now urgently require recognition for their intrinsic landscape quality and agricultural value. In paarticular, the site MMO006 requires re-evaluation.

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Representation ID: 372

OBJECT NHS (Helen Delaitre)


In the majority of cases, primary care services are already operating under extreme pressure and physical constraints, such as the lack of space hampers the delivery of additional services. Delivery of this Local Plan will put significant pressure on the existing primary care infrastructure however, the CCGs (including Milton Keynes) welcome the opportunity to work with AVDC to determine more detailed health infrastructure requirements as part of developing the Infrastructure Delivery Plan

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