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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 3.36

Representation ID: 2538

OBJECT Aylesbury Society (Mr Keith Robinson)


Although most of the link roads are marked 'critical' in the IDP for completion by 2023 (medium term) several are 'developer contribution' funded with no indication as to whether this is in whole or in part. Several have vague indicative costs.
The Western Link is described as critical but 'funding could be an issue'. The North East Link is described as 'necessary' in contrast to all other links. No explanation anomaly. Funding too vague.
Park and ride (in association with the PPTCs) is described as desirable. It is essential and critical particularly in interim period when the links are piecemeal.

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Representation ID: 2348

OBJECT The Environment Agency (Michelle Kidd)


Water Quality Infrastructure capacity appears to be the key issue at Buckingham, based on Appendix B of the WCS, environmental capacity does not appear to be an issue. This needs to be clarified.

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Representation ID: 2347

OBJECT The Environment Agency (Michelle Kidd)


Infrastructure Delivery Plan
Paragraph 7.15
It is encouraging that the requirement for drainage strategies has been included where
sites are planned where there is identified capacity issue. It is recommended that this is
expanded to include those sites planned for the constrained works identified by Anglia
Water (see section 7.28 the IDP) and not just Thames Water.

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Representation ID: 1408

OBJECT Mr Steven Hyams


3.36 and 3.38 Infrastructure

Saying the VALP "aims to ensure...sufficient and appropriate infrastructure" is a commendable ambition, but unlikely to result in real outcomes. For example, with so many new houses I would expect to see the need for significantly increased provision for A & E and other healthcare services. Where is the money from that going to magically appear from?

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Representation ID: 1236

OBJECT NHS (Helen Delaitre)


The provision of primary care services to accommodate local housing growth will be determined by CCGs who now have delegated commission responsibility from NHS England. The CCGs will take into account national strategic agendas, NHS guidance and regulations relating to the provision of primary and community care facilities and local strategic priorities. Delivery will be subject to the availability of funding and developer contributions

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Representation ID: 742

OBJECT Sue Barber


There is insufficient evidence and supporting documentation demonstrating that infrastructure needs of 1,000 homes in Halton will be met.

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Representation ID: 295

SUPPORT Mr John Currell


To "aim" to ensure... is not strong enough.
In so many parts of the District the Highway, Schools and Health (GP surgeries) are either inadequate or barely adequate.
Given all the new development it is essential that infrastructure is provided in advance of the new development.

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