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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 3.78

Representation ID: 2285

OBJECT South West Milton Keynes Consortium represented by Carter Jonas - Associate SWMK Consortium (Mr Brian Flynn)


(Ref: APP/J0405/V/16/3151297) and Aylesbury Road, Wendover (Ref: APP/J0405/W/16/3158833)

In the latter, the Inspector considered in detail the record of housing delivery in the District, concluding that there was evidence of persistent under delivery and that a 20% buffer was necessary. There is consequently a need to ensure that PSVALP allocates a variety of deliverable sites in sustainable locations to ensure that the planned increase in housing delivery is achieved. This must prioritise sites that are controlled by developers and housebuilders.

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Representation ID: 1644

OBJECT Aviva Life & Pensions UK Limited represented by GL Hearn (Mr David Maxwell)


Para 3.78-3.80 emphasises the difficulty of large scale allocations coming forward speedily to meet short term housing requirements. Aviva remains concerned that AYL078 hasn't been adequately assessed for being released in the short term for housing. Further consideration must be given to current and future difficulties with it being viable for employment purposes. AYL078 would deliver approx 300 dwellings, reducing the need for greenfield land.

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Representation ID: 1133

OBJECT CEG represented by Nexus Planning Ltd (Mr Steven Doel)


This representation refers to paragraphs: 3.78, 3.79, Table 7 and 3.80

The summary of the objection: That the Council's FOAN is too low and that a 20% buffer is required. Further that land north of Aylesbury Road should be allocated for development.

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Representation ID: 1099

OBJECT Weston Mead Farm Limited represented by Nexus Planning Ltd (Mr Oliver Bell)


Our representations to Policy S2 detail that the Council's OAN is demonstrably too low. If this figure is accepted, the five-year housing requirement will significantly increase, and a 20% buffer will need to be applied for persistent under delivery, all of which will result in the VALP clearly failing to identify a five-year housing land supply, contrary to paragraphs 47 and 182 of the Framework.

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