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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.28

Representation ID: 2530

OBJECT Aylesbury Society (Mr Keith Robinson)


(1) How will traffic growth be managed?
(2) No road improvements are proposed in the existing built up area
(4) There are no proposals to slow or stop the drift of employees away from the centre (e.g to Gatehouse) which is one of the root causes of the decline of the town centre.
(5) How will the growth of Aylesbury narrow the gap between the affluent and less well off...... Explain.

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Representation ID: 2328

OBJECT South West Milton Keynes Consortium represented by Carter Jonas - Associate SWMK Consortium (Mr Brian Flynn)


a substantial number of strategic allocations are proposed around Aylesbury, and combined these developments represent more than half of the housing target in PSVALP. We consider that this is a risky strategy which relies heavily on housing delivery at one settlement. We suggest that a detailed and robust assessment of housing delivery assumptions and the timetable for the delivery of key associated infrastructure projects is undertaken to demonstrate that strategic allocations at Aylesbury Garden Town can be delivered in accordance with the predicted timetable as set out in the VALP Housing Land Supply Soundness document.

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Representation ID: 2095

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


we welcome and support the reference to "enhancing the attraction of the historic core" and "local character" in the second bullet point of paragraph 4.28 and the reference to the historic old town, conservation areas and Hartwell historic park and garden as some of Aylesbury's most valued assets in the ninth bullet point, both as part of the positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of, and the clear strategy for enhancing, the historic environment required by paragraphs 126 and 157 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Representation ID: 1467

OBJECT Sport England (South East Region) (Office Manager


The Council's policies (including para 4.28) for new sports facilities within the Garden Town should be informed by the Council's evidence base. It is important that the Council seeks to complete this work in order to inform the Council's policies.

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