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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.67

Representation ID: 1848

SUPPORT The Hampden Fields Consortium represented by Barton Willmore (Mr Mark Owen)


In looking to meet the future growth of Aylesbury Garden Town, the HFC support the allocation of
Hampden Fields as part of the 'Aylesbury South of A41' strategic allocation (referred to as D-AGT4)
which, as indicated at paragraph 4.67 of the Proposed Submission VALP, will "form a vital urban
extension to Aylesbury, integral to the towns Garden Town status'~

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Representation ID: 887

OBJECT Mr R Horton


A planned development the size of Hampden Fields must not be allowed. Developing on quality arable farming land which produces crops for the counties food chain is immoral and obscene. The addition population will add to the pressure already being experienced by the NHS and senior education in the area. With an estimated increase of 6,000 vehicles the road infrastructure will be put under severe pressure causing impact on the A41, A313 and The Gyratory system, probable "Gridlock". Once these fields have been concreted over the are lost forever.

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