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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-AGT5 Berryfields

Representation ID: 2114

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


still consider that the retention of the two specific areas of archaeological interest, with the synthesis of any existing archaeological investigations and further archaeological investigation if necessary, should be a site-specific requirement.

In addition, we note that the site includes the Grade II listed Berryfields Farmhouse and abuts the Deserted Villages and Civil War Earthwork scheduled monument to the east. We are not aware if the existing consents affect these designated assets, but if not the retention of the farmhouse with an appropriate setting and the provision of an appropriate setting for the scheduled monument should also be site-specific requirements.

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Representation ID: 1815

OBJECT Berryfields Consortium represented by Savills (on behalf of Berryfields Developers) (Mr Matthew Dawber)


The allocation does not include any reference to residential development, despite 1,180 homes being left to build, it should do in order to ensure completeness and that the policy is effective.

9ha of employment land have had consent for 10 years, without significant interest. It is clear that the reaffirmation of these levels of employment is not justified by evidence within the HEDNA nor would it deliver an effective delivery strategy given that it is unlikely to deliver employment development. Furthermore, it is against paragraph 22 of the NPPF

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Representation ID: 1767

OBJECT Ainscough Strategic Land represented by Turley Associates (Taylor Cherrett)


Whilst it is logical to assume that the Berryfields NDA will continue to deliver new
dwellings, it is equally reasonable to question whether the site will deliver as quickly as
envisaged in the Housing Land Supply Soundness Document. This is to say that the
market will (in theory) have to absorb many thousands of additional dwellings at
Aylesbury (as resulting from proposed allocations in the new Local Plan), with the rate of
deliverability therefore being subject to strain.

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Representation ID: 1740

OBJECT Persimmon Homes Ltd., and CALA homes Ltd represented by Turley Associates (Mr Christopher Roberts)


This allocation essentially seeks to complete an allocation made in the 2004 Local Plan.
The Proposed Submission Local Plan notes at paragraph 4.85 that 2,070 dwellings and
the western link road have already been developed under extant planning consents.
1,184 units are still to be built, which exemplifies the long lead in times for strategic sites
in Aylesbury. Whilst it is logical to assume that the Berryfields MDA will continue to
deliver new dwellings, it is equally reasonable to question whether the site will deliver as
quickly as envisaged in the Housing Land Supply Soundness Document (2017).

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Representation ID: 1115

SUPPORT SCEPTREgroup represented by Miss Lauren Butcher


The site presents itself in a highly sustainable location where the principle of residential development
has already been established through the Berryfields MDA and the outline permission. The site benefits from good provision of infrastructure in terms of transport links, and this will be significantly improved through a new station. There is an agreement in place with Taylor Wimpey for a new
access road to adoptable standard from their adjoining land. This will link the site to the existing
MDA road and service network. It also benefits from the employment, education and community

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