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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-AYL073 Land at Thame Road/Leach Road, Aylebury

Representation ID: 2331

OBJECT The Environment Agency (Michelle Kidd)


It isn't clear from the allocation map whether the California Brook or the road forms the
eastern boundary of the allocation site. In any case, there is a road between the Brook
and the main area of the allocation site and the road passes close to the
watercourse. No further development should be proposed within 10 metres of the
watercourse and habitat should be created to buffer the watercourse from the increase
in disturbance which would result from this area being developed.

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Representation ID: 1464

SUPPORT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


On water supply, wastewater and foul water sewerage infrastructure we do not envisage there being any concerns. Just need to bear in mind the cumulative impact and developers are encourages to liaise with Thames Water concerning their detailed drainage strategy and build programme as soon as this is known.

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Representation ID: 636

OBJECT Mr Alan Sherwell


This is not an appropriate site for residential development - leaving aside the effect on cost of access improvements, the closeness of the Chiltern Railway sidings and maintenance depot mean that there would be an unacceptable level of noise disturbance throughout the day and, particularly at night.

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