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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-AYL063 Hampden House, Aylesbury

Representation ID: 1742

OBJECT Persimmon Homes Ltd., and CALA homes Ltd represented by Turley Associates (Mr Christopher Roberts)


here is therefore a certain uncertainty as to how this site
will progress and in what timescales.

There is no planning application / permission in place to support said redevelopment.
Accordingly, there is no real basis for suggesting the site will be delivered (via a
redevelopment of the site) within "1-5 years of the VALP adoption", as the phasing of
proposed Policy A-AYL063 suggests, although we accept that the prior approval change
of use could be implemented.

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Representation ID: 1462

OBJECT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


The water network , wastewater capacity in this area is unlikely to be able to support the demand anticipated from this development. The developer is encouraged to work with Thames Water early on in the planning process to understand what water infrastructure is required, where , when and how it will be delivered.

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