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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.112

Representation ID: 2292

OBJECT South West Milton Keynes Consortium represented by Carter Jonas - Associate SWMK Consortium (Mr Brian Flynn)


D-NLV001; and the site is either owned by members of the Consortium or is controlled under option. The proposed development is viable and deliverable, and will make a contribution towards the five year housing land supply. In these circumstances, it is entirely appropriate to propose the allocation of Site Ref. D-NLV001 and we request that this proposal is retained.

We support the proposed allocation, but suggest some minor amendments to the draft policy to reflect the approved development and for clarity and consistency with other strategic allocations.

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Representation ID: 693

OBJECT Whaddon Parish Council (Ms Suzanne Lindsey)


Whaddon PC object to the 'presumption' within this section, that WHA001 was an appropriate strategic allocation, alongside Salden Chase. Whilst it might have been a consideration then, this site must be completely re-assessed in the light of any new infrastructure being confirmed before or during any plan review.

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Representation ID: 579

OBJECT Marrons Planning (Jane Gardner)


No objections in principle to Policy D-NLV001 and its accompanying text insofar as it allocates land for a strategic allocation to the south west of Milton Keynes. The objections are those set out in response to previous policies and text; namely:

1. There is scope for significantly more development to the south west of Milton Keynes.

2. The Plan should be providing about 7,500 dwellings in the broad location for growth known as south west Milton Keynes.

3. Land between Manor Farm and the railway line (NLV019) should be included within the additional area to be allocated as a SUE.

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