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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.120

Representation ID: 2654

OBJECT FCC Environment represented by Sirius Yorkshire (Joanna Berlyn)


Whilst the sites were rendered unsuitable in isolation within the HELAA, a more strategic angle should have been investigated as part of the site options for determining 'reasonable alternatives' having regard to local issues and requirements set out within the evidence base.

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Representation ID: 688

OBJECT Ms Joyce Docherty


The HELAA, on which the 'allocations in the Local Plan are based,' has not been the subject of objective assessment or consultation and is unreliable as a guide to the suitability of potential future allocations.

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Representation ID: 505

OBJECT Mr Andrew Docherty


The 2017 HELAA has not been the subject of consultation or objective consideration.

There appears to have been no consideration of representations earlier made in respect of HELAAs and significant constraints on site suitability have been ignored.
The HELAA should have very little weight in the future determination of site suitability and is not a 'strategic assessment of the availability and suitability of land for development...'

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Representation ID: 257

OBJECT The University of Buckingham represented by Delta Planning (Maria Sheridan)


Objection is raised to the HELAA, in respect of our client's site at GAW002 off Buckingham Road, Gawcott. The evidence in the HELAA in respect of the site is at odds to the evidence provided in the Strategic Landscape and Visual Capacity Study that also forms a background document to the Plan.

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