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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.123

Representation ID: 1920

OBJECT Gallagher Estates Ltd represented by Barton Willmore (Mr Michael Knott)


2.20 Section 4 of the VALP sets out clearly
defined sub-section dealing which
individual settlements within the District
including larger villages. The exception to
this approach is land adjacent to Milton
Keynes which, as addressed above, is
identified in Policy S2 and Table 1 as a
strategic settlement in its own right and is
therefore a significant omission from this
section of the VALP.

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Representation ID: 1762

OBJECT Ainscough Strategic Land represented by Turley Associates (Taylor Cherrett)


In seeking to implement the spatial strategy described, the Pre Submission Local Plan
proposes to allocate a number of very large strategic allocations. It is recognised that
there are benefits arising from the allocation of large sites, particularly the
comprehensiveness of the amenities, facilities and infrastructure which can be provided.
As such, ASL do not question in general terms the appropriateness of this approach,
however do raise a number of concerns pertaining to the actual delivery of these sites
over the Plan Period.

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