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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.124

Representation ID: 1163

OBJECT Samuel White


opposition to the Local Plan as part of the Regulation 19 consultation as I do not believe it is positively prepared in relation to site WIN001. This is because the allocation of the site goes against the wishes of local people as expressed in our 201 4 Neighbourhood Plan.
I would also like further explanation as to how the Council justified its decision to remove the large site near Milton Keynes from its plan, when this allocation could have made our one unnecessary.

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Representation ID: 1161

OBJECT Teresa Elsdon


opposed to the inclusion of 585 homes in the Local Plan for the site at Great Horwood Road, Winslow.

Allocating it therefor goes against the spirt of localism which I believe the Council is supposed to uphold.

I would also like to see more evidence as to why the "Shenley Park" site was removed from the Plan when this could have removed the need for this allocation entirely.

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Representation ID: 1160

OBJECT R Wilkins


I am writing to express my opposition to the VALP allocation of both the addition sites in Buckingham which were not in our Neighbourhood Plan.

Under the national planning policy rules, I understand that the Council is supposed to respect Neighbourhood Plans, as they have been agreed locally by residents. As it has not done so, I would question whether the VALP has ben propelry prepared.

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Representation ID: 305

OBJECT Crevichon Properties Ltd represented by Delta Planning (Maria Sheridan)


Whilst support is given to the identification of Winslow as a sustainable location for additional development, it is considered that the Plan does not allocate sufficient housing development in this settlement. In particular, objection is raised to the fact that land east of the B4033 at Winslow allocated for 585 homes that is outside the settlement boundary for Winslow, has been allocated ahead of the consideration of suitable and sustainable sites within the settlement boundary such as Land at Buckingham Road.

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