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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.127

Representation ID: 2493

OBJECT Mrs L Bartlett


I understand that the Council is consulting on the VALP before it is submitted, and would like to register an objection to allocations BUC043 and BUC046 in Buckingham.
As we already have a Neighbourhood Plan in place, Buckingham has planned its development in agreement with residents and was set to build 600 houses over the next 5-7 years. These additional sites will tip the balance towards overdevelopments, and I am concerned that the necessary infrastructure will not be in place in time.

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Representation ID: 1279

OBJECT Sir/ Madam


opposition to the VALP in its current form as it attempts to over-ride our Neighbourhood Plan by allocating two additional sites in the town which have not been agreed by residents.

The two additional developments will create a surge of development in Buckingham when existing planning permission and allocation are taken into account. Aside from being unfair on residents, I do not believe there is a proper infrastructure plan in place to accommodate such growth.

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Representation ID: 1094

OBJECT Mr. C Morris and Mr. P Cowley represented by CC Town Planning (Mr Ross Middleton)


The reference to my client's site at Land South of Wipac is welcomed (site BUC020 in HELAA or site Q in the made neighbourhood plan) but there needs to be a greater level of detailed discussion about the site and its strategic importance. There should be a reference in para 4.127 to site 'Q' in the made neighbourhood plan and its Policy EE1.

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Representation ID: 601

SUPPORT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


It is imperative that all future development sites take account of BNDP policies and that detailed design and community infrastructure is agreed in conjunction with the Town Council before applications are approved. This policy should be applied to all Made Neighbourhood Plans.

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