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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-BUC043 Land west of AVDLP allocation BU1 Moreton Road, Buckingham

Representation ID: 2729

OBJECT Avenue Farms represented by Bidwells (Mr Derek Bromley)


No evidence that the provision of pitches at this proposed location is the most suitable to meet the needs of Buckingham. Need to establish through evidence base that alternative sites were considered. If evidence base supports provision of extra sports pitches in this location and as part of this allocation, then the policy should be very specific that they are for general community use

Two hectares of mitigation grassland and management seems overly prescriptive, does not appear to be a similar requirement on other proposed Greenfield allocations. need to justify policy requirement in relation to this allocation, but not others.

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Representation ID: 2635

OBJECT Buckingham Town Council (Councillor Robin Stuchbury)


This is a contentious site, which was called in by the Secretary of State partly on the basis that it was in breach of the BNDP. AVDC refused permission. Why then is it included, when it is clearly known that the people of Buckingham have firmly rejected this site. It breaches S3 of VALP regarding coalescence and in doing so, makes the coalescence between Buckingham and Maids Moreton de facto. No consideration has been given to the additional impact on services in Buckingham and infrastructure. This site opens up further development and will do be in walking distance of facilities.

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Representation ID: 2596

OBJECT Natural England (Ms Kirsty Macpherson)


Section of these sites contain BMV
land. In order to preserve as much
BMV land as possible and use
areas of poorer quality agricultural
land these areas should the focus of
strategic GI.

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Representation ID: 2033

OBJECT Crest Strategic Projects represented by Savills Southampton (Mr Jon Gateley)


The VALP proposes to formally allocate two additional sites at Buckingham, over and above the made Buckingham Neighbourhood Plan. to allow development on this site, contrary to the recently made Neighbourhood Plan, would undermine public confidence in the Neighbourhood Planning process to such a significant extent that, in this instance, outweighs all other considerations. As a consequence, this policy should be omitted from this plan with the site being considered as part of a future review of the NDP.

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Representation ID: 1771

OBJECT Ainscough Strategic Land represented by Turley Associates (Taylor Cherrett)


We note that the trajectory set out in the Housing Land Supply Soundness Document
suggests that completions will commence in 2021/22. We would request that the
contradictions between the Council Pre Submission Local Plan and its evidence base
are resolved.

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Representation ID: 1744

OBJECT Persimmon Homes Ltd., and CALA homes Ltd represented by Turley Associates (Mr Christopher Roberts)


Draft allocation D-BUC043 indicates that the site is expected to be delivered between
2018 and 2023. However, in view of the recent planning history and Secretary of State
Decision, and in the absence of any new planning application, we do not regard the draft
policy's trajectory to be convincing. We note in fact that the trajectory set out in the
Housing Land Supply Soundness Document (2017) suggests that completions will
commence in 2021/22.

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Representation ID: 1501

OBJECT Anglian Water Services Limited (Planning Liaison Manager


Reference is made to need to upgrade surface water sewerage network capacity. this is a reference to assessment of sites by Anglian Water which appears in the Water Cycle Study to support the preparation of the Plan.

Anglian Water strongly support the use of SuDS we expect applicants to have demonstrated that there are no feasible alternatives having worked with the LLFA and followed the surface water hierarchy

ask this text is removed given that the expectation is that surface water will only be discharged to the public sewerage network in exceptional circumstances as outlined in I5

More details about Rep ID: 1501

Representation ID: 1351

SUPPORT Bellway Homes Ltd, Bellcross Co. Ltd and Fosbern Manufacturing Ltd represented by Armstrong Rigg Planning (Mr Geoff Armstrong)


Support is expressed for the allocation of this land which we have promoted on behalf of our clients, who have confirmed their intention to deliver the site following grant of planning permission within a period of 5 years.

The site which has been the subject of a lengthy planning application and SoS Call-in represents a deliverable housing site, indeed the Inspector found that the proposals would result in no significant adverse effects and offered significant benefits, in terms of housing, open space and sports facilities.

More details about Rep ID: 1351

Representation ID: 1267

OBJECT Mrs L Bartlett


I understand that the Council is consulting on the VALP before it is submitted, and would like to register an objection to allocations BUC043 and BUC046 in Buckingham.
As we already have a Neighbourhood Plan in place, Buckingham has planned its development in agreement with residents and was set to build 600 houses over the next 5-7 years. These additional sites will tip the balance towards overdevelopments, and I am concerned that the necessary infrastructure will not be in place in time.

More details about Rep ID: 1267

Representation ID: 1265

OBJECT Mrs K Phipps


Please accept this as a formal letter of objection to the allocation the two sites in Buckingham (BUC043 and BUC046) in the VALP.
We already spent a great deal of time on a Neighbourhood Plan to ensure that our development plans were appropriate, and now it feels like we are being ignored by the Council.

More details about Rep ID: 1265

Representation ID: 1167

OBJECT Mareen Growly


objection to the allocation of sites BUC046 and BUC043 in the Local Plan.

More details about Rep ID: 1167

Representation ID: 886

OBJECT Buckingham Town Council (Mr Christopher Wayman)


Site has been rejected by BNDP and the Secretary of State for that reason. It breaches S3 of VALP regarding coalescence and in doing so, makes the coalescence between Buckingham and Maids Moreton de facto. No consideration has been given to the additional impact on services in Buckingham and infrastructure, especially roads increasing traffic congestion in Buckingham town centre, when additional site allocation for Maids Moreton is included. There will be incursions to the build line from potential future developments as evidenced in HELAA, where is was deemed "part suitable".

More details about Rep ID: 886

Representation ID: 600

OBJECT The Buckingham Society (Carolyn Cumming)


This site should be rejected under:
1. Policy S3
2. Not included in the BNDP
3. Outside the settlement boundary
4. Moreton Road is already acknowledged as being at capacity. There are no sustainable alternatives to surrounding, congested access roads.
5. There have already been severe problems relating to sewage disposal caused by Phases 1 and 2 of the Maids Moreton Road developments. Further development on this site would be of great detriment to residents of nearby estates.

More details about Rep ID: 600

Representation ID: 317

OBJECT Cllr Warren Whyte


Given the previous rejection of this site by AVDC and by appeal, it is non-sensical to now include it.

More details about Rep ID: 317

Representation ID: 254

OBJECT Mr Edward Green


My Wife and I object to the new development. The roads and infrastructure are far too busy already. These houses will ruin the village feel and there are no local jobs for these people as the small town rates are so high all the we have is charity shops and betting shops now. It will take up rural farmland land and damage the visual aspect of the village. A more natural place would be to develop along the M1 corridor. Has been a huge increase in properties in this area of late and this new development will destroy

More details about Rep ID: 254

Representation ID: 239

OBJECT Miss Katrina Standing


I strongly object to more houses being built in the maids Morton area. You've already ruined buckingham town please stop ruining our village. Our school services and especially doctors are already stretched beyond their limits. The traffic through and around the town is awful and very dangerous. Crime has risen through the roof. Enough is enough!!

More details about Rep ID: 239

Representation ID: 203

OBJECT Mr Jeremy Bloss


The VALP has allocated 170 houses to Maids Moreton and then this proposed 130 houses in Buckingham which is also very close to Maids Moreton. It does not take into account the cumulative impact of the traffic on the local infrastructure. The nearest route for this traffic to the main A422 and A421 will be through Main Street in Maids Moreton exacerbating an already existing rat-run situation. This road is narrow, has lots of parked cars and no footpath in sections. It is already congested at times and faces another c.500 cars in close proximity.

More details about Rep ID: 203

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