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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.131

Representation ID: 1587

OBJECT Waldridge Garden Village Consortium represented by Pegasus Group (on behalf of Jeremy Elgin) (Mr Neil Tiley)


RAF Halton is both uncertain and is unsustainable according to the Sustainability Appraisal. As such, this site should not be proposed for allocation based on the available evidence. However, even if it is, sufficient contingency should be included in the VALP or through an early review to address the shortfall which may arise from the non-delivery of this site.

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Representation ID: 1582

OBJECT Wendover Parish Council (Jane Ellis)


2nd phase of development could be in the green belt.
A concern in the previous Princess Mary Gate development was that refurbished RAF houses in Halton Wood Road were not taken into account when the final housing numbers were quantified. Therefore, hardly any account was taken of a transitory population replacement with a permanent one and the resultant extra pressures put upon Wendover infrastructure.

At present, in Wendover, there are approx. 180 RAF houses in Tedder Road, 50-60 in Haddington Close (Halton/Wendover Parish) and at least another 200-300 officer housing in Halton Parish.

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Representation ID: 1252

OBJECT Chiltern Society (Mr Colin Blundel)


We consider that the RAF Halton site should remain within the Green Belt in the long term and that any development should not reduce the openness of the Green Belt. The plan should remove the reference to removing the site from the Green Belt in the future.
We support the proposal to prepare a Masterplan to design a high quality scheme with landscaping and green infrastructure to avoid detrimental impacts on the setting of the Chilterns AONB.

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Representation ID: 617

OBJECT Halton Parish Council (Fiona Lippmann)


For clarity, the wording specific to Halton should be amended to the wording shown at Annex B.
Provide a narrative to show how the 1,000 homes allocated to Halton can be accommodated in a sustainable way, recognising the current lack of local infrastructure and the environmental constraints of the surrounding AONB and Green Belt land.
All references to Halton should be changed to read "Halton", rather than "Halton near Wendover", "Wendover/Halton", "RAF Halton", or "Halton Camp" to make the text correct and unambiguous.

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Representation ID: 534

OBJECT Mr J Bryson


Although walking and cycling may be desirable on health or other grounds I would challenge if this is a valid planning assumption to make. Coupled with the lack of retail space planned at the Halton housing areas I find this an unacceptable situation and would request a review of this subject

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Representation ID: 461

OBJECT mrs claire waters


The policy map outlining the potential development area includes the playing fields between Chestnut Avenue and Halton Lane; the all-weather pitch and the Nuffield Pavilion. These are currently used by the RAF and also local sports clubs - and therefore this is contrary to the NPPF paragraph 74 ('existing playing fields should not be built on').
Also included is the fields on the opposite side of Chestnut Avenue, which are part of the listed Halton Estate gardens - this is contrary to the NPPF paragraph 132, as it has not been granted by Historic England.

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Representation ID: 299

OBJECT Mr John Currell


Wendover does have good facilities, but it is barely sustainable at present. The schools are heavily subscribed and the local health facilities are overloaded.
Thus, although the proposal to place 1000 houses at Halton is supported, in the context of the overall plan, this additional development must be completely self-sustaining.

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Representation ID: 234

OBJECT Brocksmoor Projects Ltd (Mr Martin Wilkinson)


ref the comment about the reasonable walking distance to Wendover - this is a rediculous comment which needs to be challenged. The RAF Halton development site is 48* minutes round trip walk to and from Wendover and going back it is additionally uphill. The evidence is there already with the adjacent Princes Mary gate development - the vast majority of residents use a car and very few walk or cycle. It is an invalid assumption to assume that there will not be very material traffic use from this RAF Halton site.

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Representation ID: 232

OBJECT Brocksmoor Projects Ltd (Mr Martin Wilkinson)


The text states Wendover has a "good level" of facilities, but this is simply not correct. The parking provision in the town centre is wholly inadequate, and the traffic congestion along the main raods is poor in rush hours

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