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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.134

Representation ID: 1591

OBJECT Waldridge Garden Village Consortium represented by Pegasus Group (on behalf of Jeremy Elgin) (Mr Neil Tiley)


RAF Halton is both uncertain and is unsustainable according to the Sustainability Appraisal. As such, this site should not be proposed for allocation based on the available evidence. However, even if it is, sufficient contingency should be included in the VALP or through an early review to address the shortfall which may arise from the non-delivery of this site.

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Representation ID: 1255

OBJECT Chiltern Society (Mr Colin Blundel)


We consider that the RAF Halton site should remain within the Green Belt in the long term and that any development should not reduce the openness of the Green Belt. The plan should remove the reference to removing the site from the Green Belt in the future.
We support the proposal to prepare a Masterplan to design a high quality scheme with landscaping and green infrastructure to avoid detrimental impacts on the setting of the Chilterns AONB.

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Representation ID: 895

OBJECT Great & Little Kimble cum Marsh Parish Council represented by Mr Neil Homer


We consider that this paragraph should acknowledge not just the cumulative effects of the redevelopment of this site with the Garden Town, but also with the major expansion of nearby Princes Risborough. Our Parish sits between the two and we are concerned that not enough attention has been paid to this cross-border issue in the evidence work and that the relevant VALP policies have not made proper provision for co-ordinating these major proposals.

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