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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.139

Representation ID: 2129

OBJECT Historic England (Mr Martin Small)


we welcome the reference to Winslow's historic core, conservation areas and listed buildings in paragraph 4.139 as part of the positive strategy for the conservation and enjoyment of, and the clear strategy for enhancing, the historic environment required by paragraphs 126 and 157 of the National Planning Policy Framework.

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Representation ID: 1597

OBJECT Waldridge Garden Village Consortium represented by Pegasus Group (on behalf of Jeremy Elgin) (Mr Neil Tiley)


RAF Halton is both uncertain and is unsustainable according to the Sustainability Appraisal. As such, this site should not be proposed for allocation based on the available evidence. However, even if it is, sufficient contingency should be included in the VALP or through an early review to address the shortfall which may arise from the non-delivery of this site.

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Representation ID: 306

OBJECT Crevichon Properties Ltd represented by Delta Planning (Maria Sheridan)


Winslow is identified as one of the most sustainable locations in the District. It is considered therefore that it is capable of providing additional housing to that currently proposed in the Plan.

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