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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-STO008 Land south of Creslow Way, Stone

Representation ID: 1503

SUPPORT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


No concerns on water supply , wastewater and foul sewerage infrastructure with this individual development site.

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Representation ID: 792

OBJECT Define (on behalf of Bovis Homes) (Mr Mark Rose) represented by Define (on behalf of Bovis Homes) (Mr Mark Rose)


Bovis Homes support the principle of D-STO008, but object to the extent of the allocation and terms of the policy that are considered unsound, as the policy:
-not been positively prepared as not based on a strategy that will ensure that housing needs will be met within the plan period;
-is not justified, as is not the most appropriate strategy and no considered reasonable alternative strategies;
-is not effective, as policy is unduly restrictive;and
-is inconsistent with national policy, as not fully reflect the Government's priorities and policies in terms of enabling sustainable development and supporting rural communities.

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