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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-WHI009 Holt's Field, Whitchurch

Representation ID: 1835

OBJECT Rectory Homes Limited (Mr Tim Northey)


(Ref: APP/J0405/W/16/3152177) for 59 residential dwellings, the Inspector concurred that "looking ot the effect on the AAL as a whole I am satisfied that the proposal would not adversely affect any distant panoramic views and that appropriate mitigation could be provided". In contrast to the Holt's Field site, it would form a natural continuation of the extent of the village along Oving Road and not result in a significant adverse impact on the AAL. It should therefore be considered as an allocation in the VALP and could deliver a higher number of dwellings at this sustainable settlement.

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Representation ID: 1509

SUPPORT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


The site is outside Thames Water's supply area on water supply. Do not envisage any infrastructure concerns on wastewater infrastructure capacity if the south drains south to Whitchurch. If the site drains north or west with regard to sewerage then it would fall under Anglian Water's jurisdiction.

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Representation ID: 284

OBJECT Unknown (Mr Neil Smith)


Like many residents I am concerned about the risk of excessive housing development and I note that for Whitchurch, 22 new houses are included in the proposal for the period to 2033. Even if this number were to be considered acceptable, can some language be included to make it plain that this is a maximum, to avoid a continual drip-drip of applications to exceed this number?

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