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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.152

Representation ID: 1824

OBJECT DPD Architects (Mr Mark Longworth)


It is contended that para 4.152 as outlined in point 2 does not meet the strategic aims of the Local Plan as it fails to ensure appropriate growth to settlements to preserve community facilities and services and fails to provide an appropriate and balanced mix of property sizes in settlements such as Weston Turville.
There are a number of suitable sites for development which would round off the settlement boundary without impacting on the Conservation Area, including Quakers Mead WTV007, is a potential development site which can meet some of the housing need as demonstrated in the Neighbourhood Plan survey

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Representation ID: 1202

OBJECT Mr David Dilly


Submission succinct

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Representation ID: 1009

OBJECT Land and Partners Limited (Mr Jonathan Harbottle)


An additional allocation at Land at Hunters Lodge Stables, Stoke Hammond, would help to meet the
OAN of AVDC where the need arises. Please see the accompanying document showing the extent of
the site suitable for development.

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Representation ID: 464

OBJECT Tingewick Parish Council (Mr Andrew Jenkinson)


Having discussed this at the Tingewick Parish Council meeting we believe this wording to be unsound. Reference to lack of information on suitable access is just one of many reasons that SHLAA did not allocate these sites. To just make reference to access is incorrect and completely misleading.

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