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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - 4.154

Representation ID: 1672

OBJECT Mr David Vowles


D4 should read D2.

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Representation ID: 1203

OBJECT Mr David Dilly


Submission succinct

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Representation ID: 465

OBJECT Tingewick Parish Council (Mr Andrew Jenkinson)


This is extremely poorly worded. What is meant by "sites allocated are not coming forward at the rate anticipated." Would land banking by developers or in-ability to move forward due to agreeing s106 agreements would this allow then other unallocated sites be gained? The 5 year land supply is currently showing 9 years we should not require this clause.

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Representation ID: 135

OBJECT Mr David Saunders


VALP paragraph 4.154 states:

"Additional development in the medium villages ... timely manner, along with satisfying the each of the criteria set out in Policy D4 above."

The reference to Policy D4 above is incorrect. Policy D4 is below this paragraph rather than above, and refers to housing at other settlements, rather than in medium villages. The reference should instead be to Policy D2 above.

Also, "timely manner, along with satisfying the each of the criteria" is not English. I recommend replacing those words by "timely manner, and how it satisfies each of the criteria".

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