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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-CDN001 Land north of Aylesbury Road and rear of Great Stone House

Representation ID: 1837

OBJECT Rectory Homes Limited (Mr Tim Northey)


The inclusion of this site within the VALP is supported. However, the site extends to 0.57ha and development of the entire site would not be harmful to the character of the area as it would align with the prevailing pattern of development in the immediate context. The allocation should therefore be widened to the entire 0.57ha site (including land to the rear) and the number of dwellings specified consequentially increased to 10 units. Criteria d. of the policy should therefore be deleted.

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Representation ID: 1469

SUPPORT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


We do not envisage there to be water supply or wastewater infrastructure capacity problems nor to foul flows or surface water flows.

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Representation ID: 345

OBJECT Cuddington Parish Council (Mr Ken Trew)


The site access is close to the existing 30mph sign and development would extend to Spickets Lane. Traffic surveys have shown that vehicle speeds in this area exceed the legal limit and that the bend in the road to the east has poor visibility and is dangerous.

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Representation ID: 134

OBJECT Chris Muldoon


Proposed site is within Cuddington Conservation Area. CA Supplementary Planning Document (4.4.3) states no development permitted which adversely impacts the appearance/views in/out of CA. Spickett's Lane views across development site specifically quoted as valuable in Cuddington CA Appraisal document (2008) and the original CA plan/application (1973). Also states that this is an important area to keep open. Housing development will not enhance the appearance of the area which is at the entrance to the village and the loss of the open land will negatively impact the CA.

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