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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-CDN003 Dadbrook Farm

Representation ID: 1470

SUPPORT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


We do not envisage there to be water supply or wastewater infrastructure capacity problems nor to foul flows or surface water flows.

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Representation ID: 819

SUPPORT Mr Christopher Ashley represented by Mr Christopher Ashley


We propose a larger site and number of units possibly 50 - 60 to be considered for development. This (still) modest scale in this location would be entirely appropriate and sustainable. The inclusion of such additional development on the Dadbrook farm yard site would potentially fund and facilitate relocation of the farm buildings out of the village, providing enhancement to the community of Cuddington and clear planning gain and removing any potential conflict with any new residential development on the site.

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Representation ID: 344

OBJECT Cuddington Parish Council (Mr Ken Trew)


There is inadequate detail of the site infrastructure in an area known for highway and drainage issues. Further work is needed to address these issues before the site can be genuinely regarded as suitable location for development. The time frame should be extended to allow these studies to be completed. There is also uncertainty about delivery within the 1 to 5 year period.

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Representation ID: 225

OBJECT Mrs Gillian Fisher


If 15 houses are built at Dadbrook Farm there will be a minimum of 30 more vehicles in the village. Dadbrook is a narrow, poorly maintained road, not appropriate for more vehicles. The general infrastructure in Cuddington is suitable for a 'small village' so therefore proposed more housing is inappropriate. The access roads in Cuddington are already overused by outside traffic. Access to amenities in Cuddington is very limited and to use a regular bus service residents have to walk up to the A418 along Dadbrook which is narrow and with no footpath.

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