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Representations on VALP Proposed Submission - D-ICK004 Land off Turnfields

Representation ID: 2548

OBJECT Coda Planning (Mr Adam Murray)


in deeming ICK004
suitable for development the HELAA does not provide any positive justification as
to why this is the case. While this raises concerns as to the rationale behind its
allocation, by itself a lack of rigorous assessment does not necessarily mean it
isn't suitable as it is claimed to be. However it is apparent that, even through a
cursory assessment, a number of the reasons given for the competing sites being
unsuitable also apply to ICK004.

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Representation ID: 1492

SUPPORT Thames Water (Sir/ Madam )


No concerns on water supply , wastewater and foul sewerage infrastructure with this individual development site. There may be an issue from cumulative development in the Ickford area of the Worminghall STW if other development went ahead.

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Representation ID: 1010

OBJECT Land and Partners Limited (Mr Jonathan Harbottle)


The allocation of land off Turnfields for residential development is supported.
The site is the subject of a current outline application (17/02516/AOP) for up to 30
The site's capacity has been tested for this application and up to 30 homes is
considered to be the most appropriate number when considering existing and
proposed infrastructure, landscape context, surrounding densities and the
efficient use of land.
The policy wording should be amended to reflect the site's capacity for up to 30

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